Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Sunday was the annual Pinewood Derby races for Scouts. This is the first year that Drew and Noah were competing against each other so I was curious to see how that would play out. The boys got creative with their cars this year and did most of the work by themselves. As you can see below, Noah made his to look like a Hershey bar but named his Noah Bar. Drew's is the plain block of wood next to his. It's made to look like he didn't do anything to it but add the wheels but actually he sawed it in half, hollowed out the insides and glued it back together and put weights in the back. It amazed everyone that it was fast. It's kind of funny because everyone spends hours making theirs look good but it doesn't take much to make it fast!

Noah's cheesing in this picture because his car just took 1st place. Drew's took 2nd during his heat so we knew it would be a close race. The first time their two cars raced each other, Noah's beat Drew's and that didn't go over well.
In the end, out of their pack, Noah placed in 3rd and Drew got 4th. I was proud of them and their hard work. The first two places out of each pack get to go to the mall next Saturday for the city wide races. Our 2nd place person will be out of town so that means Noah gets bumped up and will get to compete Saturday for the championships. Drew handled it very well, especially since this is technically his last year he can race. So that's where we'll be next Saturday afternoon if anyone wants to watch Noah Bar race!

Here's a picture of Noah with his car and trophy. You can tell he's proud of his first year of racing. Do you like the new haircut?? He wanted to be bald so he wouldn't have to wash his hair anymore. This was the compromise.

I'm not posting the picture of Drew with his car because he was sulking about Noah beating him in it. Frankly, it pissed me off. He should have been happy to place and get a trophy. Sometimes he's too competitive and he can definitely be a sore loser. Luckily he got over with fairly quickly but I have to say I was disappointed in him.

Happy St Patrick's Day!! It's going to be a beautiful weathered one here!


Beth said...

Looks like fun & their cars are awesome. I love Drew's thinking behind his! And cut Drew some slack...it's hard to lose to your little bro:) And you know he's a VERY good kid most of the time!

I'll try to bring the kids to the mall Saturday to watch Noah! The boys would love that & I need to keep them out of the house for Matt to work on the tiles!

Aunt Cindy said...

Great Job Boys...you both did Great. I'd say their reactions are very typical as memory serves, as is yours...and memory does serve here. Mom's always want the BEST from their kids, and as regular ol' human, we fail and BEST more often than not. Deep down you know Drew is happy for Noah, but he is sad for himself, and children don't have as much control of those emotions.

I'm pulling for Noah next Saturday, and would love to come, but would LOVE more to run to St Louis and pick up Cody..can't wait to hear if he will share any stories with me.

Kelly said...

I understand him being upset, I'm very competitive myself. I was upset by how he treated us afterwards and how he blamed Todd and ended up in tears. He could have certainly made better choices on how he reacted to it.

Shasta said...

What a fun activity for them to do! It sounds like they both did great on their cars! I love the "Noah bar". We just went to Hershey's Chocolate factory last week and saw all kinds of hershey bars! There is a pic on my blog of my oldest holding the biggest bar there is.

I think it's so nice of your oldest to not be too upset at his brother beating him. I know brothers can be very competitive. I'm not so sure my oldest would have handled it that well.

Congratulations to both of your boys and good luck to Noah on his next race!

Controlling My Chaos said...

How fun! Their cars look great, even the block of wood. Clearly it was built for speed.

4funboys said...

how cool is that!!!

Mom said...

Way to go Drew and Noah....good looking cars and FAST! This would be one reason we spaced our kids far apart-no competition....also because we didnt plan well....and God always has the last laugh

Kat said...

Brothers are so competitive. And it is hard to loose to your little brother. Especially when it is your last year to race. I completely get it. I think the whole being supportive of each other comes years later when they each have their own talents and interests developed. Right now it is hard.

But great job to them both! Woohoo!