Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Additions to the Zoo

The zoo keeps growing. For Aiden's birthday Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken gave Aiden these african tree frogs. They are so awesome and fun to watch. I think I've enjoyed them as much as the kids. You only feed them twice per week and change their water 1-2 times per year. How easy is THAT?? Aiden feels big having his own pet since Drew has his gerbils, I have Grayson, and Noah got his birthday kitty.

Yes, you heard right, Noah finally decided on a kitty. He obviously takes after his mother because we just could hang out at the Humane Society all day and we found multiple cats at both locations that we wanted. It was a very hard decision. I had to be good and not try to sway him towards any of my favorites. This little furry wonder won. He has been a blast in the 4 hours we've had him and so friendly. I hope that lasts. Him and Grayson have been together almost constantly and only a few hissing battles so they are starting out better than I anticipated! After MUCH deliberation, Noah decided to name him Jackson, Jack for short. (or Jackie, sorry Dad)

This was one of the better shots I could get of him. He never sits still very long!

This picture cracks me up because he was running right at me to attack my camera strap.
The two cats were just lying on either side here waiting for the other one to attack. They were playing good for awhile and then they were being stinkers.
I know I'll be taking many more pictures. I'm a sucker for cats, kittens, and pictures of them. I wonder if either of them will sleep with me tonight.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aiden's Party

Is this the face of a happy 4 year old?? I think so. He had an awesome birthday. I think he likes being 4 because the next morning, he came running into the kitchen when he woke up and the first thing he said was "Mom! Am I still 4?" I've had to reassure him a few times since that he will never be 3 again.
Drew came up with some games for the kiddos. Here they are playing Lion, Lion, Hyena which is like Duck Duck Goose. Whoever is it, has to wear the lion tail and whoever ends up being the Hyena has to chase them around the circle and try to get the tail. Ty has the tail in this picture. I love his face.

I just love Aiden's face as he runs around the circle here. (Yes, my basement lighting sucks and yes, that is me stuffing my face with cake in the background!)
Aiden and his jungle cake. Him and Todd pored over pictures of cakes and he decided he wanted the hill with the waterfall coming down off of it with his Diego and jungle animals on it. I think he and Todd did a great job!

Making his 4 year old wish! He got those candles on the first try!
He was so excited about all of his gifts. He'd yell, or shout "It's just what I've always wanted". This picture cracks me up b/c he came running over to me to show me what he got. He was one excited birthday boy!
I knew he'd be excited over this toy. He wanted to buy this in Disney World with his money but then got in trouble and had to leave the store. Todd got it so we could put it back for his birthday.
He's been dying for this Orca Whale.
Saturday we got to celebrate his cousin Ty's birthday which was a blast. Now we have to get used to having 2 four year olds in the family. I wonder what this year will bring!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Aiden Sunshine!

September 24, 2005
(still my favorite family picture ever)

Aiden, you woke up today in complete awe that you were really 4 now. You said to me "Can you believe I'm 4 today?". No, my sweet baby, I cannot believe you are 4. Where did that time go? Where is my little baby?? There's something very bittersweet about seeing your youngest growing up. You know that you are going through all of these fun (and not so fun) stages for the last time. It makes my heart twinge. But I see the big boy you are becoming and I just smile. You want to be just like your big brothers. You want to do what other big boys do but at the same time, you want to be my baby when you need to be also. You have always had an attachment to my hair and when you are upset or needing any comfort, you cuddle up to me and rub my hair. You told me and Dad last night that when you turn 4, you can't play with mommy hair anymore. I couldn't believe you said that. You told me that again this morning. I guess we'll see if that really happens! :)

Happy Birthday Aiden. I hope you'll always be my baby.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary Todd!


Who knew back in 1994 where our lives would lead us to? We were just a boyfriend and girlfriend going through our senior year of college, not knowing what kind of job would be waiting for us after, sometimes questioning where we were going. January of 1995 we knew one thing, we got engaged and promised to spend the rest of our lives together. We had our dreams, our goals, our shared values. I had no idea what the future would bring, only that we would share the journey together. September 23,1995 we made it official. I see where we are now and know that things are just as they should be. Everything we have wanted, we have worked and planned for. What more could we ask for?? Not much. We have three beautiful boys that amaze us every day, a comfortable roof over our heads, plenty to keep us busy, and there is always time for laughter. It's still hard to know what the future holds for us, but I look forward to continuing the rest of our journey together, now a little bit older and wiser! I love you!

(if you can hear the music playing, this was Todd and I's song that we danced to at our wedding)

Monday, September 21, 2009


While we were at Riverfest yesterday, we ran into Noah's 2nd grade teacher. She pulled me aside and said she had a funny story for me. She then asked me if I ever do yoga. I said yes and wondered where this could be going. Last week at school, the kids took the Terra Nova standardized tests all week. As they were getting ready to take one of the tests, the kids were really squirrelly and wound up. She told them all to just calm down and relax. She then looked over at Noah who had his legs folded up in yoga position, had his hands by his side holding his two fingers together, eyes closed, and was taking deep breaths. She said she didn't say anything to him but she was cracking up. I was dying laughing just picturing Noah sitting there looking for his happy place. I joked that we have become really New Agey at our house. In reality, we have Wii Fit and one of the workouts on there that he loves is the yoga so I'm sure that's where it came from. I just love that kid, he can always make me smile. It's also nice that I've known his teacher most of my life so she knows my family!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tri-ing To Help

One of my last posts of the summer. Todd was Race Director again for the 2nd annual Tri-ing to Help Triathlon put on by the Quincy Multisport Club. Drew raced in the kids race again this year and Noah's friend Ben raced for his very first time. Noah was going to race but was invited to a slumber party instead the night before and decided to do that with his friends instead. It was also back when he was still having the problems with the leg pains so I think that had something to do with it. Drew did incredible as always. I love watching him race, he just amazes me. This year he did the swim, bike, and run in 14 minutes, 39 seconds! Wow, you go Drewdles!

Here he is hopping into the water to start the swim portion.
He's improved on his swim time, he's getting so much stronger at it.
Coming back in from the bike, he's 3 third kid on the bike.
Coming back in from his 1 mile run. Almost finished!!

Dashing across the finish line! Congrats Drew!
I just love this picture of Ben and his sister Ella. So cute!! Ben is a good friend of Noah's and Ella is my sweet Goddaughter.
The Two Triathletes!
Ben was so surprised to get 1st place in his age group!!! Way to go Ben, especially for your first race!
Drew placed 2nd in his age group! Awesome job Drewbie!
Aiden had to pose with a medal too. He keeps reminding me that next year he'll be big enough to race.
The race had a bigger turnout than last year and Todd was so happy by how smoothly it ran. They were able to raise a nice amount of money for a local high school girl that had throat cancer. She plays volleyball for the high school and it was so nice to see all of the players come out to volunteer with the race and support her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're Having Twins!

I know, it's crazy right?? I never thought it would happen to us. Drew REALLY wanted it, how could I say no??

Welcome to the world Phineas and Ferb, Drew's new gerbils. (I didn't even notice Noah in the background when I took the picture.)
They are absolutely adorable and I think it's safe to say all 5 of us are having a blast with them. They are so funny to watch. We were so proud of Drew, he spent the last few weeks doing a lot of research on a pet, talked with the pet store people, and decided gerbils were the way to go. He used his money to buy all of the supplies and didn't have quite enough for the gerbils yet, so he worked it off around the house. He was so grown up about it all, I know he will take good care of them. They moved into what used to be the turtle tank (Katie now has the turtle in her classroom for all of her students to enjoy). One is a light tan and the other is white and tan.
Grayson has even befriended them. I have to explain the story behind these two is so hilarious. My cat is too smart, I swear. Todd had walked into Drew's room and Grayson was laying on TOP of the lid and where there is a small opening up there, had his two front paws shoved down inside of it, just sitting there. In the 10 seconds it took Todd to run and get the camera, Grayson climbed down and was laying NEXT to the tank. The hilarious thing was he would NOT look at Todd for anything, just playing innocent. In this picture I swear he's saying "I don't know what you're talking about."

So then he turns around and lays the other way and still won't look directly at Todd. But if you look at his eyes in this picture, you can tell he's looking at him out of the corner of his eye, but he won't turn his head! Little stinker.
And yes, Noah is still going to get a kitty for his birthday and Aiden is getting an African Tree Frog. Welcome to the Klauser Zoo.
***Noah made a comment yesterday about Gerbil babies and I panicked.....we didn't think to ask the pet store if they were males or females. Ooops, I hope my boys don't get a lesson on reproduction!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Visitors Part 1

4 of my favorite people came to visit for almost 2 weeks this summer. It was heaven. Dianna and I got to do all of the things that we would do if we lived next door to each other like the olden days.......morning coffee, sitting outside watching the kids play, cookout at the cabin, parks, shopping, etc. I've never had 2 weeks fly by so quickly but we have a million pictures to document it all. Literally, a million between the two of our cameras. Well....not really but close. Somehow I will whittle it down the best I this will take place over a few different posts. Keep scrolling down to see it all.

My girl, Dianna with her adorable hubby, Preston, and her precious daughters that I would keep in a heartbeat, Delaney and Mallory. This was taken the day they arrived in St Louis.....we spent it at the zoo and had a blast. My mom and dad drove down to meet up with us also and it was a gorgeous day.

You always have to do the gorilla picture. I think my boys are tired of the gorilla but it's tradition and it's a first for Delaney and Mallory.

Lovers Reunited. These two are so stinkin' adorable. I posted another cute picture of them on THIS POST when I posted a few randoms from their visit.

I die laughing every time I see this picture. We have a number of pictures of this poor ole bear. He looks like he's ready to end it all, like he's had a bear of a day. Oh I kill myself. I just looked at him and said he's saying "I'm Done".

The day after they arrived was Delaney's 9th birthday. Mallory and Aiden made her birthday cake, along with a little romantic licking of the spoons.

After supper we had some birthday cake and ice cream.

We had so much fun that week doing a lot of fun things and having fun doing nothing much at all. Perfect summer days......

Shooting some hoops as Drew likes to say.

Todd worked with Delaney to ride a bike without training wheels. It was amazing to see her confidence soar.

Beth and the kiddos met us up at the playground and the kids had a ball playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

We hit the deer park to feed the animals and amazingly the deer let the kids pet them.

Can you read the sign in the middle?? Can't you tell we obeyed??

What is it about this picture that just screams "I'm A Dad"

Everyone had a blast wading around in the creek near my mom and dad's house. We found a TON of geodes and found some good flat rocks for painting.

The kids had fun each splitting their own geodes and we got all of our paints out one afternoon on the deck and let all of the kiddos paint one for a keepsake.

Drew made this one to perch near our front porch. I just love it and we've gotten many compliments on it.

Delaney painted this masterpiece to take back to her house.

Dianna made a collage out of pictures of Aiden and named it "The Many Faces of Aiden". I love how it captures his personality.

More pictures to come, including our beautiful day at my mom and dad's cabin and the David Cook concert!!!

Summer Visitors Part 2

Anyone that knows us, knows that one of our favorite ways to spend a beautiful day is out at my mom and dad's cabin. Cookouts, Gator rides, swimming in the lake, fishing, hunting for bugs and frogs, playing games, s'mores, there is a neverending list of fun to be had. Of course we had to take our summer visitors out there. It had been ages since they were last out there.

We played some rodeo golf.
We played some keep away with the ball. Adults vs. Children. Let me tell you, they put up a good fight.
I don't know if I was more exhausted from laughing or running around like a maniac.

I love this picture that Dianna took of Drew trying to tell me a little white lie. I wasn't buying it though. Moms just know. But he was darn cute while he was doing it.

Cooling off in the lake. This inflatable island is a blast.

Of course, there's nothing like a Gator ride along all of the trails and back roads. "Look Mom, no hands!"

The kids love to load up and take a ride.

We still laugh at this picture. My dad took Dianna's mom on a ride to show her all of the land. My hubby and my brother Nate hid in the corn with those crazy foam noodles and when they came by, waved them in their faces. I hope you can see their expressions. It truly scared the crap out of them! LOL

We finished off the night with the kids watching Todd get his supplies together to make fire balloons. My Aunt Janet had no idea what she started with those...
Lighting the fire balloon!

Part 3 coming below!