Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tri-ing To Help

One of my last posts of the summer. Todd was Race Director again for the 2nd annual Tri-ing to Help Triathlon put on by the Quincy Multisport Club. Drew raced in the kids race again this year and Noah's friend Ben raced for his very first time. Noah was going to race but was invited to a slumber party instead the night before and decided to do that with his friends instead. It was also back when he was still having the problems with the leg pains so I think that had something to do with it. Drew did incredible as always. I love watching him race, he just amazes me. This year he did the swim, bike, and run in 14 minutes, 39 seconds! Wow, you go Drewdles!

Here he is hopping into the water to start the swim portion.
He's improved on his swim time, he's getting so much stronger at it.
Coming back in from the bike, he's 3 third kid on the bike.
Coming back in from his 1 mile run. Almost finished!!

Dashing across the finish line! Congrats Drew!
I just love this picture of Ben and his sister Ella. So cute!! Ben is a good friend of Noah's and Ella is my sweet Goddaughter.
The Two Triathletes!
Ben was so surprised to get 1st place in his age group!!! Way to go Ben, especially for your first race!
Drew placed 2nd in his age group! Awesome job Drewbie!
Aiden had to pose with a medal too. He keeps reminding me that next year he'll be big enough to race.
The race had a bigger turnout than last year and Todd was so happy by how smoothly it ran. They were able to raise a nice amount of money for a local high school girl that had throat cancer. She plays volleyball for the high school and it was so nice to see all of the players come out to volunteer with the race and support her.


Beth said...

Way to go Todd for all that hard work! And way to go Drewdles for your race!

Think we can get Blake to try next year???

Paulette said...

What fun all for a good cause....love seeing Drew want to follow in his dad's footsteps-or race steps.

Kat said...

Wow! That is fantastic!

Amy said...

These are such great photos Kel! And I guess it's me but that one of him running in front of the corn has me rEALLY homesick for IL!!