Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Thanksgiving "Turkey"

Aiden's Kindergarten class and the 4 year old preschool class had a Thanksgiving Feast at school today. The kids could dress as Indians or Pilgrims and could each bring a finger food of some sort to share. My husband loves to come up with all of these crazy ideas and usually can make them work. Todd and Aiden decided to make a "turkey" out of rice krispie treats, using cocoa krispies to give it the browned, right out of the oven look. :)

It turned out amazingly well. I just laugh every time I look at those little turkey wings. I think it creeped a few of the kids out though. I'm not sure they really got that it was a giant rice krispie treat. But it was certainly a hit!! I have a feeling he will need to make this every year now.

I had the honor of getting to "carve" it at school today. I think I needed something more than a pie cutter on it though. It was so tasty and Aiden was so proud of the treat that he and his daddy made together.
Happy Thanksgiving!