Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talking Politics With a 7 & 9 Year Old

At supper last night I asked the boys if they were having mock elections at school and they said they were. Drew said his class had already voted and that he voted for McCain. I asked him why he chose that candidate and he said he didn't know why. Good, I'm happy to hear my kid is making informed decisions. Sheesh. So I asked Noah and he said "Did you hear what Obama does to babies?" Huh? I asked him what he heard and he told us that Mathias (a boy in his class) told him that his dad told him that Obama kills all the babies that no one wants. He looked shocked by this. I explained that he doesn't physically go around killing babies but he supports laws that makes it ok for a woman to kill her baby when it is still inside of her. Abortion is also against our religion and since it's a Catholic school I'm sure that issue was raised with the older kids. I was a little disturbed by my 7 year old having that discussion with his 7 year old friend. So Noah proceeds to tell us that when his class voted, he voted for Obama. I asked him why, especially after what he told us and he said he didn't know anything about McCain. Ok, I'm sooo glad my kids are learning about the candidates and making educated decisions. Just one more reason why I hate discussing politics. I guess maybe we should so they at least know what is going on!

The boys got their school pictures back today. I think they turned out pretty cute but I wish Noah had left that top button unbuttoned. :)
Noah also got his soccer pictures back tonight at practice. Pretty darn cute with that little snaggletooth of his. It finally fell out over the weekend when I was in Chicago and the tooth fairy forgot to come that night. Luckily, he, er....she remembered to come the next night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Weekend

What a wild weekend. I'm sorry for all the pictures but I have to warn you, there will be more! :)

It all started Thursday when I drove to St Louis to pick up Dianna at the airport. We then headed to The Mills Mall to meet up with Amy, one of our bloggy buddies. She is an absolute doll and I just loved her. We ate lunch at Tony Roma's and then hit Archiver's. It was such a quick afternoon, I would have loved to have spent more time with her. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime soon. Thanks Amy for the adorable gift bag you made up for us, that was so thoughtful and I loved it!!! I'm so excited that we got to meet!

Friday morning, Dianna, Jen, Erica and me headed for the Windy City to meet up with Julie for our wonderful wild weekend. We did not act like 35 year old married mommies. We were just a bunch of girlfriends having the time of our lives. We got an awesome room on Priceline at the Hilton Chicago on Michigan Avenue. We had TWO bathrooms in our room which was awesome for 5 girls. Friday night we headed out to Rosemont for the New Kids on the Block concert. Now before I hear any groans, only a true New Kids fan can get the excitement and craziness of it. It was like being reunited with our first loves. They played the perfect mix of their old hits and their new music and put on a fantastic show--it was amazing. We had the best time ever. There were people there dressed in 80's clothes, people wearing old New Kids shirts, pins etc. It was hilarious. The excitement was overwhelming.

Notice the ticket says no cameras or recording. What a joke! There were millions of cell phones up in the air the whole concert not to mention all the camera flashes. We went crazy with our cameras especially since our seats were decent.

This is a picture of us just minutes before we went to our seats.

Jordan baby, I love ya!

Towards the middle of the concert, they came to a circular rotating stage in the back for 3 songs so we had an AWESOME view for that!!!

There's my baby at the piano.

The next day we headed to Millenium Park to take pictures and walk around. Then we walked around downtown and shopped. It was a beautiful sunny day and while it could have been warmer, it wasn't too bad.

Here we are at the bean. We had fun taking silly pictures here too.

Here's a picture of our reflection in the bean. I love the girl off to the side making fish lips. What's up with that??
I found this awesome knife block in a cute little store. I laughed so hard. Must have.
FAO Schwartz in Macy's. Lego Batman is hot.
It's very hard to see but this is the Hummer Limo we rode in to the nightclub Saturday night. What a blast and my first time ever in a limo. They were hanging outside the hotel and asked us if we wanted a ride instead of taking a cab. We said no thank you and he asked us to name a price. We $20 and he said he couldn't do it, then he came back and said ok. WOW!!! We were excited!
Me and Dianna in the limo.
All of us girls at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar. We had so much freakin' fun there!

This is Roy, our waiter for the night. He was such a cool guy. He got a bouncer to stand by our table because we had a couple of old stalker guys bugging us. He then got us a round of shots later to make up for the creepy guys. He was awesome!

Video of "I'll Be Loving You Forever" The sound sucks because of all the screaming but it's good to watch. If you listen carefully, you can hear Erica and then Dianna say "Oh, my God!"
To say we were lustful schoolgirls is putting it mildly. We screamed and danced our butts off the whole concert!!

"Tonight" when they were at the back of the arena by us.

I got this video off of YouTube. There were a lot of clips posted from Friday's concert. This is a must see. They are doing "Grown Man" from their newest CD. Oh baby, is all I can say!! This song is hot. You'll have to turn off the music on the side to hear any of the videos.

And just to show how insanely awesome this concert was, Erica and I are going to see them again in St Louis on November 10th. Anyone want to come with us???? :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What A Busy Day!!

I had a busy and fun day. To start off, I got to watch my nephew and niece, Ty and Ellie while Beth went to the dentist. After Blake got out of school he came over too and Beth took Matt out to eat for his birthday. (Happy Birthday little bro!) I had so much fun with them. They had me laughing so hard, even when I should have been correcting them.

Here's a cute picture of the 3 little ones playing together. This was when the boys were "cooking" for each other. Aiden asked for chocolate milk and Ty said "No, but you can have some chicken bones." They just kept me in stitches the whole time. I loved every minute of it.

After they left and my mom took Aiden, I headed over to school to drive Noah's class on their field trip to the pumpkin patch. Lucky for us the rain stopped but it was chilly and WINDY!!! They all still had so much fun though and were so cute.

Here they are right before their hayride.
This was when we first got there and tried a class picture.

After school, all 3 boys had dentist appointments. Drew and Noah got the all clear. This was Aiden's first dentist appointment. I was so mad at myself because I had put the camera on its docking station after the field trip and didnt grab it for a picture of his first checkup. I had the cell phone with the camera but there was a huge sign that said No Cell Phones Beyond This Point. So when the dental assistant walked out, Todd snapped a photo and then snapped one more during his checkup. Now if we could only get a years worth of pictures off of our cell phone.
Turns out Aiden has a cross bite. The one side of his mouth his teeth line up but on the other side, the lower part sticks out further than the top ones. He said all we can do now is keep an eye on it. Is that code for "you will have many years of orthodontic bills?" Hope not. He also noted that he's a bit tongue tied. We already knew that since he had problems latching on when he was first breastfeeding after birth. His Dr. never seemed to concerned and the dentist doesn't think it's bad enough to be the reason he's in speech therapy but he did say that if he ever has a surgery for tonsils, tubes in his ears, etc, we should go ahead and get it clipped at the same time. Heck, the kid just had surgery, we could have called another Dr. in and had two procedures for one anesthesia.

Well, I'm outta here. Tomorrow I drive to St Louis to pick my best friend Dianna up at the airport and then we are headed to the Mills Mall where we will meet up with Amy of Caffinated Cropper. Dianna and I are so excited to meet her, have some lunch, and hang out. Then we'll head home, hit my parents house for my brother Matt's birthday dinner. Friday morning all of us girls head for the Windy City!! We have a room at a VERY nice fancy, schmancy hotel (thank you Priceline) and we'll be hitting the NKOTB concert Friday night and enjoying the rest of the weekend just us five girls with no hubbies and no kiddos. YAY!!!!!! I hope to come back with many wondeful stories and pictures. I hope and pray nothing goes wrong.....we tend to have little misadventures sometimes too. Woohooo!! Girls Weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ghostly Kids

Keeping with the theme............. Todd was playing around with settings on his camera and had fun making the boys look like ghosts. The one of Noah turned out the best and I think the one of Drew and Aiden is neat because it kind of looks like Aiden is inside of Drew. (and yes, Drew is standing in nothing but his blue underwear and a pair of socks, please don't hold that against him)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Woodland Cemetery

"People are just dying to get in there." (that's for you Dad)

Today we visited Woodland Cemetery. For you history buffs or cemetery lovers, here are some sites with info on this cemetary.

This is a HUGE, beautiful cemetery located on one of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. I remember as a kid, our class would walk from St Mary's School over to Woodland Cemetary. We had a contest one year to see who would find the oldest gravesite. My friend Lisa and I found one from the 1600's and we won a dum-dum sucker. That was the big time back then!
It was such a beautiful day today so we thought it would be neat to walk through there with the boys. We looked for beautiful leaves to take home, bugs for our neverending supply in the bug boxes and we looked for the oldest gravestone also. We also looked for the newest as it is such an old cemetery and we weren't sure if people were still being buried there. Drew found the oldest which was 1672 and Todd found the most recent in 2002. Todd also challenged the kids to find a gravestone with a date 100 years before the year they were born and to find someone who lived to be exactly 100. It was a beautiful walk with beautiful sites. It may seem morbid to some but I think it's neat to looks at all of these headsstones and wonder about their history and their lives. I took a bunch of pictures, here are a few.

A view looking up one of the hills.

This place is so big, we didn't even begin to walk it all but we walked a lot. This place is rich in history and is so scenic.
Something about this leaf caught my eye. The way the sun was coming through the trees and the beautiful color in the leaf. I just had to take a picture of it.
My boys exploring and collecting.

This is the view of the Mississippi River and the bridges from the top of the bluff at the cemetary.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drew's Soccer Game

I finally got some shots of Drew's soccer game. His games tend to fall during Aiden's naps so I rarely get to see a whole game. Since Todd coaches, obviously he has to be there so I get there when I can. I only got there in time for literally the last 5 minutes of the game last week. But I took about 8 pictures in that time!! I would have loved to have had the camera today because I actually got to see the whole game and Drew played awesome. This kid is amazing if I do say so myself!!

Drew is the red shirt in the middle. #9
He's the only red shirt in the other photos.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday....Flashin' Waaaaay Back

Today we're flashing back to the 1800's with my Great-Great-Great-Great-ummm, ok that's not going to work. This picture was actually taken the summer of 1994 when Todd and I were in the Ozarks with a bunch of friends. We thought it would be fun to try an old time picture. We did it one other time also, when Drew was 3 months old and we went down there for a few days. I had every intention of doing it this summer with the boys when we were down there but we were so busy and they didn't seem into it, and I was not going to push it. I do love this photo of me and Todd because it reminds me of a time when we were young, in love, and it was just the two of us. We always have so much fun together and this is a perfect example of it. (and this is one of the very few photos of me where I actually look good) :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anatomy 101

I took Aiden to the Dr. today for his follow up appointment from his surgery and to get his bandages off. We had to wait for awhile in the room and I had forgotten to pack anything to entertain him with. So we looked through magazines trying to find foods, animals, anything remotely exciting. I then glanced up and saw a huge chart of the human anatomy. It showed all of the internal organs and such so I was pointing out the heart, the lungs, stomach etc and was explaining what each of their functions was. Aiden seemed pretty into it. In fact, he decided to teach me too. He points to the chart and says excitedly, "And look Mom, it's a penis!". Yep, it sure is. I'm glad he knows his anatomy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Noah's Birthday

Noah's birthday was more like Noah's weekend. He woke up saturday morning excited to open his gifts. We made him work for them though. I hid them in various places throughout the house and he had to follow a trail of clues to find each gift. He loved that idea. Here he is finding a clue and then finding his first present.

Saturday afternoon Noah and Drew each had soccer games and it was pefect soccer weather. My mom and dad came over and ate tacos for supper (noah picked out dinner) and then we went to watch the fireworks. How did we score fireworks for our sons' birthday you ask??? Well for out of towners, on July 4th we were in the midst of Flood 2008 and our entire riverfront where the fireworks are usually located was under water. They had said as a thank you to everyone for all the help in the sandbagging effort and such that they would do them at a later date. Noah got lucky to have them on his birthday. Beth and kiddos and her parents and aunt and cousin met us down by the riverfront to watch a spectacular display. I have to say that it doesn't matter what time of year you watch them, you still feel patriotic. The finale was unlike any one I had seen down there. Honestly, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes by the time it was over. Amazing. And it was another perfect fall night for watching them. Todd caught a ton of pictures of the fireworks, here are just a few.

I love this one because it reminds me of of dandelion fluff!

Think Pink!
Say it with me now, "Oooooh, Ahhhhhh."
Sunday, Matt and Beth and the kids took Noah out to eat for lunch at Kelly's for his birthday. He was so excited. He's been dying to go eat there (he loves their awesome salad bar) and it was a nice treat to get to go with his aunt, uncle and cousins. Sunday night we had his party at the house with the immediate family.
Here he is opening his gifts.
Here is his cake that he helped to decorate. He chose the them and even wrote his name and the '7' on his cake. I think he did pretty well!
Happy Birthday Noah!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who Are You??

I became a Twilight junkie like everyone else. I'm dying to get my hands on the latest book. I came across this quiz to see which character you are most like and I am Esme. (if you haven't read these books yet, you have to!)

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family. A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome. Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive. You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Noah

Happy 7th Birthday my dear sweet Noah. I have had so much fun going back and looking at your baby pictures. Honestly, you are one of the cutest kids that ever lived. Those big ole eyes, chubby cheeks, and little ears that stick out just make me want to eat you all up. When you were 3 I used to say that I wanted to eat you up and you'd say "But Mom, I'm not on the menu". It used to crack me up. You know, it dawned on my the other day that even though Aiden is 3 now, you have still been my baby for the longest. You were the baby of the family for 4 years and I wasn't sure if you'd be the last or not so I tried so hard to savor every moment. You are such a lucky little boy, you get to be a big brother and a little brother--you are the only one in the family that can say that! You have such a kind heart and are so sensitive to what others need and want. On any given day, you can melt my heart with the things you say and do. You also make me laugh---you are such a ham. I think you take after your Grandpa John a bit!! Right now you are at that age where I can look at you and still see glimpses of my little Noah but also see a big boy that I am very proud of. You are still such a cuddler and a lover and I hope you never outgrow it. I love you sweet boy and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!!

Big brother Drew and baby brother Noah. Brotherly Love--Valentine's Day 2002
3 month picture
Still one of my favorite costumes---Dumbo on Halloween 2002
2nd Birthday--Wavering Park
September 2004
January 2005
Christmas 2007
I saved the best find for last. This is the only copy of this picture I have. I found it a few weeks back. I was putting an 8x10 picture in a frame and pulled out all of the old 8x10's that were behind it and found this picture. The look on your face is priceless here. You always wonder why I called you Pork Chop when you were little. I'm hoping these cheeks tell you why! What a precious gift you are and I love you more every day.

(sorry for some of the coloring--most of these were older pictures that I scanned in)