Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drew's Soccer Game

I finally got some shots of Drew's soccer game. His games tend to fall during Aiden's naps so I rarely get to see a whole game. Since Todd coaches, obviously he has to be there so I get there when I can. I only got there in time for literally the last 5 minutes of the game last week. But I took about 8 pictures in that time!! I would have loved to have had the camera today because I actually got to see the whole game and Drew played awesome. This kid is amazing if I do say so myself!!

Drew is the red shirt in the middle. #9
He's the only red shirt in the other photos.


Sandra Carvalho said...

Go Drew!Go Drew!Go Drew!
Yep!I'm cheering for your kiddo!
Drew the future soccer star! ;)
Just that I thought that europeans were more into soccer the americans...Hmmmmm....Guess I was wrong cause lots of my blog mates kids play soccer.

Mom said...

Good action shots...still trying to make a game (and clean this house, and build a house, and pack boxes and go to work.....)

Aunt Cindy said...

Way to go Drew...keep playing hard and you will save your folks a ton in tuition with scholarship money!!! (never hurts to think ahead) It is great he enjoys getting out and getting exercise while having fun stopping the other teams butt!

WE met Drew's teacher last night...well actually we didn't JUST meet her. She is the daughter of a retired P.O. employee and we've been sending them a Christmas card since SHE was DREW's age. We did get to meet her daughter Ann Marie though. ADORABLE.