Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Noah's Birthday

Noah's birthday was more like Noah's weekend. He woke up saturday morning excited to open his gifts. We made him work for them though. I hid them in various places throughout the house and he had to follow a trail of clues to find each gift. He loved that idea. Here he is finding a clue and then finding his first present.

Saturday afternoon Noah and Drew each had soccer games and it was pefect soccer weather. My mom and dad came over and ate tacos for supper (noah picked out dinner) and then we went to watch the fireworks. How did we score fireworks for our sons' birthday you ask??? Well for out of towners, on July 4th we were in the midst of Flood 2008 and our entire riverfront where the fireworks are usually located was under water. They had said as a thank you to everyone for all the help in the sandbagging effort and such that they would do them at a later date. Noah got lucky to have them on his birthday. Beth and kiddos and her parents and aunt and cousin met us down by the riverfront to watch a spectacular display. I have to say that it doesn't matter what time of year you watch them, you still feel patriotic. The finale was unlike any one I had seen down there. Honestly, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes by the time it was over. Amazing. And it was another perfect fall night for watching them. Todd caught a ton of pictures of the fireworks, here are just a few.

I love this one because it reminds me of of dandelion fluff!

Think Pink!
Say it with me now, "Oooooh, Ahhhhhh."
Sunday, Matt and Beth and the kids took Noah out to eat for lunch at Kelly's for his birthday. He was so excited. He's been dying to go eat there (he loves their awesome salad bar) and it was a nice treat to get to go with his aunt, uncle and cousins. Sunday night we had his party at the house with the immediate family.
Here he is opening his gifts.
Here is his cake that he helped to decorate. He chose the them and even wrote his name and the '7' on his cake. I think he did pretty well!
Happy Birthday Noah!!


Jessi said...

Goodness Kelly. I can't believe how big he is. He is starting to look so old. Your kids are 3 of the cutest boys I've ever seen!

OHmommy said...

Wow, what a great weekend for Noah. Happy birthday!

momto3cubs said...

Hello from another mother of 3 boys. Happy Birthday to your son! Cool cake! :)

4funboys said...

happy b-day Noah! wow

Love the cake... very cool

Mom said...

Noah sure had a prolonged birthday weekend..hope he had fun. He looks so old in that cake picture. As did Drew in the generation one from Cindy....where are those babies......glad I worked days and could share all the fun times with him