Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Noah

Happy 7th Birthday my dear sweet Noah. I have had so much fun going back and looking at your baby pictures. Honestly, you are one of the cutest kids that ever lived. Those big ole eyes, chubby cheeks, and little ears that stick out just make me want to eat you all up. When you were 3 I used to say that I wanted to eat you up and you'd say "But Mom, I'm not on the menu". It used to crack me up. You know, it dawned on my the other day that even though Aiden is 3 now, you have still been my baby for the longest. You were the baby of the family for 4 years and I wasn't sure if you'd be the last or not so I tried so hard to savor every moment. You are such a lucky little boy, you get to be a big brother and a little brother--you are the only one in the family that can say that! You have such a kind heart and are so sensitive to what others need and want. On any given day, you can melt my heart with the things you say and do. You also make me laugh---you are such a ham. I think you take after your Grandpa John a bit!! Right now you are at that age where I can look at you and still see glimpses of my little Noah but also see a big boy that I am very proud of. You are still such a cuddler and a lover and I hope you never outgrow it. I love you sweet boy and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!!

Big brother Drew and baby brother Noah. Brotherly Love--Valentine's Day 2002
3 month picture
Still one of my favorite costumes---Dumbo on Halloween 2002
2nd Birthday--Wavering Park
September 2004
January 2005
Christmas 2007
I saved the best find for last. This is the only copy of this picture I have. I found it a few weeks back. I was putting an 8x10 picture in a frame and pulled out all of the old 8x10's that were behind it and found this picture. The look on your face is priceless here. You always wonder why I called you Pork Chop when you were little. I'm hoping these cheeks tell you why! What a precious gift you are and I love you more every day.

(sorry for some of the coloring--most of these were older pictures that I scanned in)


Mom said...

Loved that last picture...I didnt get them all. What a cutie then and still.....Happy 7th Noah! Hope you find all those pokemons....

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Noah! I'm so glad we got to see you at "your" fireworks:) Can't wait for lunch tomorrow & then your party!

Can't believe you're 7!

aunt jan said...

Happy birthday, Noah. Hope you had a great day and lots more fun tomorrow. I loved all the pictures, you sure are a cutie.

OHmommy said...

Wow. Tell me it really doesn;t go THAT fast. Please?

Happy birthday handsome Noah!!!!

Great Aunt Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY are getting to be quite a big boy now, though it was fun to look back at your baby pictures. You were..and are..cute as a bug! (the cute kind of bugs, like catapillars, and fire flies) Have a great time at your Birtday Party, and an even better time being 7 years old ALL YEAR!

Dianna said...

Your very own fireworks hu?
That must mean that you're extra special Mr. Noah*!*

See you soon :)

Anonymous said...


The sept. 2004 pic is priceless. I love looking at newborn pics of my babies too.

aahhhh. makes me want another one. that first year just goes TOO DARN FAST.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Belated Happy Birthday Noah!!!
Hope you've had lots of presents! ;)
Congratulations to you too Kelly!7 years went by since you've delivered such a beautiful baby boy!
Love from us all over here!

Deb said...

Just PRECIOUS pictures Kelly! Hope your birthday was great Noah!

4funboys said...

what a great post!!! Happy b-day Noah!!!

Mom said...

Ah...the pictures finally all came through-I love that first with Drew and Baby Noah.....the fireworks just for Noah were the best! Hope you had a super day Noah

Sarah Mae said...

How absolutely precious!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Noah (from random stranger in blogland)! :)

Amy said...

So Sweet! Happy birthday Noah!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, that costume is too cute. And by 2007, you can see how much they resemble each other.