Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday....Flashin' Waaaaay Back

Today we're flashing back to the 1800's with my Great-Great-Great-Great-ummm, ok that's not going to work. This picture was actually taken the summer of 1994 when Todd and I were in the Ozarks with a bunch of friends. We thought it would be fun to try an old time picture. We did it one other time also, when Drew was 3 months old and we went down there for a few days. I had every intention of doing it this summer with the boys when we were down there but we were so busy and they didn't seem into it, and I was not going to push it. I do love this photo of me and Todd because it reminds me of a time when we were young, in love, and it was just the two of us. We always have so much fun together and this is a perfect example of it. (and this is one of the very few photos of me where I actually look good) :)


Mom said...

Doesn't it seem forever ago that there was just the 2 of you???I cant even remember what it was like just John and me....of course I also cant remember last year....

Aunt Cindy said...

'scuse me ma'am, but can't I get myself a shot of whiskey?

Look at those LEGS young need yourself Gunslinger or a good Mathematician to protect your virtue!!!!

Glad you had some fun today thinking back on the days before your whole lives revolved around 3 special'll be there again someday and wonder where THAT time went too.

Beth said...

That is adorable! I've always wanted to get one of these taken but Matt hasn't and as you said, sometimes it's not worth the fight!

And you look great in lots of photos!

Dianna said...

You look good in every freaking photo ever taken of you (but I've told you that).
I like Todd's spittoon (blah).

uncle joe said...

You know that saying,"your not getting older, your getting better"?
That applies to you.
That picture of you and me on my blog.....WOW
That is WOW for you not me.
We have a picture somewhere around here of both our families at Siver Dollar City, I will have to dig it out sometime.

Kellan said...

Cute picture! It's fun to look back!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Abbie said...

woohoo!! Look at you, you sexy thang you!! :)

Sandra Carvalho said...

Awesome picture of you guys!
About missing those days...Yeah I'm well too acquainted with that feeling!