Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Weekend

What a wild weekend. I'm sorry for all the pictures but I have to warn you, there will be more! :)

It all started Thursday when I drove to St Louis to pick up Dianna at the airport. We then headed to The Mills Mall to meet up with Amy, one of our bloggy buddies. She is an absolute doll and I just loved her. We ate lunch at Tony Roma's and then hit Archiver's. It was such a quick afternoon, I would have loved to have spent more time with her. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime soon. Thanks Amy for the adorable gift bag you made up for us, that was so thoughtful and I loved it!!! I'm so excited that we got to meet!

Friday morning, Dianna, Jen, Erica and me headed for the Windy City to meet up with Julie for our wonderful wild weekend. We did not act like 35 year old married mommies. We were just a bunch of girlfriends having the time of our lives. We got an awesome room on Priceline at the Hilton Chicago on Michigan Avenue. We had TWO bathrooms in our room which was awesome for 5 girls. Friday night we headed out to Rosemont for the New Kids on the Block concert. Now before I hear any groans, only a true New Kids fan can get the excitement and craziness of it. It was like being reunited with our first loves. They played the perfect mix of their old hits and their new music and put on a fantastic show--it was amazing. We had the best time ever. There were people there dressed in 80's clothes, people wearing old New Kids shirts, pins etc. It was hilarious. The excitement was overwhelming.

Notice the ticket says no cameras or recording. What a joke! There were millions of cell phones up in the air the whole concert not to mention all the camera flashes. We went crazy with our cameras especially since our seats were decent.

This is a picture of us just minutes before we went to our seats.

Jordan baby, I love ya!

Towards the middle of the concert, they came to a circular rotating stage in the back for 3 songs so we had an AWESOME view for that!!!

There's my baby at the piano.

The next day we headed to Millenium Park to take pictures and walk around. Then we walked around downtown and shopped. It was a beautiful sunny day and while it could have been warmer, it wasn't too bad.

Here we are at the bean. We had fun taking silly pictures here too.

Here's a picture of our reflection in the bean. I love the girl off to the side making fish lips. What's up with that??
I found this awesome knife block in a cute little store. I laughed so hard. Must have.
FAO Schwartz in Macy's. Lego Batman is hot.
It's very hard to see but this is the Hummer Limo we rode in to the nightclub Saturday night. What a blast and my first time ever in a limo. They were hanging outside the hotel and asked us if we wanted a ride instead of taking a cab. We said no thank you and he asked us to name a price. We $20 and he said he couldn't do it, then he came back and said ok. WOW!!! We were excited!
Me and Dianna in the limo.
All of us girls at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar. We had so much freakin' fun there!

This is Roy, our waiter for the night. He was such a cool guy. He got a bouncer to stand by our table because we had a couple of old stalker guys bugging us. He then got us a round of shots later to make up for the creepy guys. He was awesome!

Video of "I'll Be Loving You Forever" The sound sucks because of all the screaming but it's good to watch. If you listen carefully, you can hear Erica and then Dianna say "Oh, my God!"
To say we were lustful schoolgirls is putting it mildly. We screamed and danced our butts off the whole concert!!

"Tonight" when they were at the back of the arena by us.

I got this video off of YouTube. There were a lot of clips posted from Friday's concert. This is a must see. They are doing "Grown Man" from their newest CD. Oh baby, is all I can say!! This song is hot. You'll have to turn off the music on the side to hear any of the videos.

And just to show how insanely awesome this concert was, Erica and I are going to see them again in St Louis on November 10th. Anyone want to come with us???? :)


Jessi said...

I wish you guys would just come to KC and go on the 11th when I'm going!! I'm so excited I can't wait. My friends and I are pulling out the crimper and getting all crazied up. I'm glad you had such a great time!

Jessi said...

oh and by the way....I've been checking your blog non-stop since 7:00 yesterday AM to see if there were any pictures yet!!

Beth said...

What a fun weekend away! I was never a big New kids fan but it looks like you buys had a great time!

Kat said...

That just sounds like the BEST weekend! So much fun!
Glad you had such a fab time at the NKOTB concert with your girlfriends. Woohoo! :)

ThriftyDecorChick said...

OMG I hate you!!!! I got to your blog and started jamming to Single and then saw all the pics. I knew you were going but I still hate you!! :) Love you for sharing pictures though. Looks like you had so much fun!!

Mom said...

You dont have to like the music-you just have to have memories and your girlfriends....and it makes the best night! Glad you all got to go and enjoy a great wekend together

Amy said...

I LOVE ALLL THE PICTURES!! It looks like you guys had soooo much fun...!! I so love Howl at the Moon and we have one of those here in the STL by the way...I'm sorry but I can't help saying this...I look HUGE next to you two..like Dolly Parton threw up in my bra or something..LOL

4funboys said...



Sandra Carvalho said...

Can you hear my screams over there!?
I wish I was there with you girls! :(
I wanna go and watch them live! Bwahahahahah! :(((
What a great time you girls had!...
Oh!And posting those videos was a great idea!You got me singing at the top of my lungs!
My kids kept staring at me the whole time! LOL!

OHmommy said...


so jealous. looks like a great time.

i will be in chicago in less than 2 weeks. yay for me!

Awesome pics.

Dianna said...


Amy~ I wish Dolly Parton would throw up in my bra if it meant having *girls* that looked like yours. You're a goob ~ILU*!*

Kel, we have to schedule something every year~how can we top that though? ;) ALL of us should do something again. Thanks your girls for letting me tag along~they killed me*!*
KILLED ME I tell you!!!

I better get blogging hu?
JULIE~set us up girl!!!

Weber said...

What fun! Can I go next time???