Thursday, November 29, 2007

Todd and Drew had "The Talk"

No, I'm not talking about the sex talk, I'm referring to the "Santa" talk. I knew it had to be coming. He's 8 1/2 and very perceptive. It was only a matter of time before he started asking questions. I'm a bit surprised it hadn't happened before now. Todd told me about the conversation and it sounded like he did some good damage control. He says he thinks Drew still believes but still questions certain aspects of it. It makes me sad.....this could be our last Christmas where all 3 of my boys believe. There's just so much magic in it, I don't want him to lose any of that. And of course, once you figure out Santa, you figure out the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. I just want him to be a kid and believe in all of that a little longer. I feel like he's trying so hard to grow up and I'm trying so hard to keep him from it.
It took me back to a time when my brother Nate was younger. I remember him talking with me and telling me that he knew Santa wasn't real but he wasn't going to let mom and dad know he knew that because he would get more presents this way. That's our Nate!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things About My Kids That Never Cease to Amaze Me

Drew's Creativity Drew walks out of the bathroom yesterday holding an empty toilet paper roll and excitedly says, "Mom, mom look what I found". I said "Yep, that was in the trash can". Drew says "But mom, there are so many things we can do with this" I'm thinking "yeah, put it out for the trash guy". But Drew goes on to explain how he could make a Christmas Tree, or a Santa, or Paul Bunyan like they did in school. He goes off to his room with his wheels just a turning. Give me a few days, that old toilet paper roll will become a piece of art in my house! He is always thinking and creating. It's so fun to watch. I've actually learned a lot from him and am discovering my own creativity as we go.

Aiden's Memory Aiden has the most amazing memory. He may just be barely two but I can tell him one thing, like we are out of juice and two days later when I ask him if he wants juice he reminds me that it is all gone. He also has his favorite books memorized. Today we read "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog" He recited every line right along with me even using the different little voices I adapted for the characters. Then we proceed to sing his favorite songs. He already has some xmas songs memorized that he sang for me. I didn't teach them to him so I don't know where they came from. But that kid has the cutest little singing voice!

Noah's Reading and Math Ability Noah has really been picking up on the reading lately. It's so fun to watch him learn. They also have been having "spelling tests" at school and he can spell pretty much any 3 letter word you give him. He's just a little sponge right now absorbing everything at school. He's always had an incredibly aptitude for math. He loved impressing people in preschool by showing how he can add,subtract, and multiply. He doesn't use his fingers and he just cranks out the answers. It just amazes me. It even amazed Todd and being a math teacher who is brilliant in math, it takes a lot to impress him. Or maybe it's just that it's our kid and our 3 boys never cease to amaze us!! I always look forward to seeing what they learn next!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Fun Never End...............

So Aiden was still sick again two more times last night and Drew woke up before dawn getting sick and it lasted most of the day. Needless to say, we haven't done a whole lot over Thanksgiving break!! I've about had it with puke and snot!! Hopefully a healthy house returns soon!
One bright spot is Aiden saying "Mom, I love you thiiiis much" and spreading his arms as wide as he can and then he says "and I love you thiiiis high" and reaches his arms up as high in the air as he can. I love that kid.
Drew went out and bought a 3ft xmas tree with his money and Todd gave him some money to buy some lights and a few decorations to go on it. He was so excited. He spent all afternoon decorating it yesterday. But if I hear Winnie the Pooh sing "Oh Christmas Tree" one more time, I may break the CD player! Noah wanted one too after seeing Drew's but didn't have the money. I told him I had a little 12" one that I used as a table decoration that he could have. So he bought these itty bitty little ornament balls to put on it. It is too cute and he's excited as can be. Him and Drew also made paper snowflakes and hung them from their ceilings. It's so cute to see them in the christmas spirit already. I've sorta been getting in the spirit a bit myself thanks to my Uncle Joe. I've been listening to my new Olivia Newton John christmas CD he gave me (Thanks Uncle Joe!!) and it's awesome. I'm trying desperately to put a couple of songs from it on my blog but haven't been successful yet. "A Mother's Christmas Wish" and "Every Time it Snows" are my two favorite songs on it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.

Noah dressed as an Indian for his Thanksgiving feast at school on Wednesday.
Our Thanksgiving started out perfectly. I got to sleep in since I was out late with the girls the night before. Aiden even came in and went back to sleep with me. He has been sick with another cold and cough. We spent the day watching the parade on TV, playing, coloring, watching the Ghost Hunter marathon and just relaxing...all 5 of us. Todd cooked us a delicious lunch too. It was wonderful. We get ready to leave the house around 5 to head up to Mendon for the Klauser thanksgiving. About 20 minutes after we get there, Aiden starts puking all over. So we pack up and head back home. Noah was home monday and tuesday from school with a stomach virus. 3 days later no one else had had it so I thought we were safe. Wrong. Poor buddy was scared, he just didnt' know what to do. So I'm trying really hard tonight to focus on all we have to be thankful for and not the fact that it's been a long week with sick kids. Colds and flus come and go but we still have each other and our health. There is too much disease,sickness, and tragedies in the world to let a little virus keep us down. I'm so grateful for a husband that is such a rock for me, 3 boys that I love more than life itself, and wonderful family and friends that I can count on for a good time but also help me through the rough spots. Unfortunately not everyone has that. So that is what I'm going to think about this Thanksgiving.
Now I'm going to see what kind of leftovers Todd and I can scrounge up for our "dinner".

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dianna and I

We had the most awesome 26 hours together!! We started out going to Children's Hospital to see Gail and her daughter Natalie. Poor girl has had such a rough time lately. But luckily she got to come home Saturday night. She has a bone infection and is now on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. I hope this does the trick. After that we headed to the hotel and got ready to head to Fast Eddie's to eat. This place was awesome! This picture of the 4 of us was taken there.

This was one of the places featured on Food Network's Feasting on Asphalt series. It has extremely cheap food that was absolutely delicious. They also had live music and good drinks. (I had the best margarita). This place definitely had atmosphere. Dianna was obsessed with these 3 women she called the 80's Ladies because they looked like they came from the 1980's. There were all sorts of interesting people there. We had a blast.

Saturday we found a cool little bakery to grab breakfast at, hit Toys R Us, and then spent a good part of the day at the St Louis Mills Mall. I had been wanting to take Dianna to the Archiver's store. We spent 2 hours and a lot of money there--it was awesome. Thank goodness for Cabela's next door to keep the hubbies happy. We had a yummy lunch at Tony Roma's and shopped a bit more before heading back to the hotel to take some more pics and hang out till the last minute when Dianna and I had to say goodbye again. It was the perfect time together, but it went by way too quickly. It's so funny, when I'm with her, it's as if we've never been apart, but when we have to say goodbye, it tears me up inside. I can't wait till we can get together again. Love ya Di!


Check out Dianna's blog. She did a much better write up!! She also has an awesome blog--I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Fell Hopelessly, Head Over Heels in Love Today!!

I couldn't help it. I even tried to fight it, but it happened anyway. You would have too if you had seen him. He was a little ball of black fluff, with 4 white paws, white whiskers and a patch of white on his neck. He looked at me with eyes just begging to take him home. Aiden and I went back by the pet store twice this morning to see him and his brothers. The kittens were just adorable and exactly what I wanted. They also had 3 baby chihuahua's....a black, tan, and white one. They were so funny playing with each other and "talking". I think they were Aiden's favorite. We spent about a half an hour in the pet store the second time we came by it at the mall. He loved watching the fish, reptiles, puppies, kittens, and hamsters. It was so much fun but even now hours later, I can't get that kitten out of my mind. We decided we'd have to go back soon and visit the animals. We went to the mall today so I could go walking and do a couple of errands. Aiden and I have a routine down. He sits in the stroller and plays and eats a snack while I walk for about a half an hour and then we stop by the little playground by Penney's for him to play. When Noah found out last night we were coming, he gave Aiden one of his quarters to get some candy from one of the machines. I thought that was so sweet. We had a good time this morning. We had a special morning yesterday too.....we went to the Thanksgiving puppet show at the library. We ended up seeing a lot of people we knew there so it was fun. Then we stopped by Grandma Paulette's to drop off/pick up some stuff and got to see Blake and Ty which always brightens my day. There's just nothing better than one on one time with my boys. Sunday I took Drew to his basketball clinic (he'll be giving basketball a try this winter after indoor soccer is over) and afterwards, him and I went to Coffee on Broadway, got a drink, and sat on the couch there together and read. That's one of our special things we like to do together. Now I just need some time with my Noah and my week will be complete. This is Noah's first year of indoor soccer....he had his first game monday night. I had to work and missed it. His second is Saturday when I'm out of town. I'm bummed but anxiously looking forward to watching him. He has a team with his friends from school which he loves.
Two more days till I see Dianna and Preston!! I just need a healthy husband now. He coughed and hacked all night. If he even gets pneumonia now, I'll be mad. I know I'm being selfish but I can't have anything ruin this trip!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Am I really THAT old??

Last night I was tucking Drew in and we were talking about various things. Out of the blue he asks me, "Did you have TV when you were younger?" Whoa, back up there! I'm not THAT old. So I started telling him about the things we had back then and all the things we have now that didn't even exist back in the 70's. Then I realized, I AM getting old. Yikes. The big 3-5 lingers next month, it's all downhill to 40 after that. But honestly, it's ok, you're only as old as you feel and although my body feels older, my heart is young and that's what is important. If I'd get my butt out to exercise more, it might feel younger too!

Ahhh, I miss that old Snoopy record player!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


WHY?? Why? Whyyyyy?!? why? W.H.Y??!!!?? Why. Why?

Ever feel like you hear that word too many times in a day?? Well, today folks, I think I've got ya beat. Aiden's new favorite word is WHY and I swear I've heard it no less than a thousand times today. It gets to a point where you just don't have an answer anymore and a 2 year old doesn't understand "Just Because". We got laughing at him because he says it so clearly and so seriously and ALL..THE..TIME!


Are we cute or what?????

How many people can say they've been best friends ever since birth?? Not many I'm sure. I'm lucky enough to be able to say that though!! Dianna was born almost 2 years after me and we grew up next door to each other until she moved to Florida when I was 12. The distance didn't hurt us though, if anything it made us stronger. I know I can call her or email her anytime and she is there. We have an amazing bond--she is one of the few people that can read me like a book and sometimes I think maybe she knows me better than I know myself. At least she has more faith in me that I do. Sometimes we go a couple of years without getting to see each other, but when we do, we pick up right where we left if we've never been apart. We got to see each other this past March for a few days. I was so excited. And we did have some really special moments but we also had sick kids so that kind of put a kink in a lot of the things we wanted to do. But now I have the opportunity to see her on the 16th and 17th. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Her husbands company is flying some of the employees and their wives to Alton IL for their holiday party. That's like right next door!! So Todd and I are getting to drive down the afternoon of the 16th and spend all that evening and all the next day with Dianna and Preston until they have to get ready for their party that night. It will be so nice to have some grown up time together and get to do some fun things in St Louis. I'm scared to death something will happen to ruin this get together. I'm trying so hard not to worry. I just need to see my girl and have some awesome time with her. I love her as if she is my family. (I guess she is, we did the whole "blood sisters" pact before she moved away!!)
DIANNA---only 8 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daylight Savings Time Sucks

Whoever came up with the idea for Daylight Savings Time obviously didn't have kids. "Gain and extra hour of sleep" my ass. It's more like you wake up an hour earlier with the kids who have no idea that the time is any different. Then their sleep patterns are screwed for another few days or so. Not fun. Throw in some coughing and hacking, some bed-wetting, and other not-so-fun night wakings and pretty soon you expect your kids to be braying at the moon. I'll be happy to get a full night's sleep again, especially after surviving 3 kids with pneumonia (at different times), time change, and now my own cold and Todd's hacking cough last night. Winter is coming in like a lion at our house!!
On a funny note, after I gave up trying to get Aiden and Drew back to sleep this morning, the three of us were laying in bed talking and Aiden was asking where Mawmaw, Pawpaw and other family members were. One by one, I said that they were in bed sleeping (and wishing I was too). Drew says "And Uncle Joe is probably snoring on the cough" (I have no idea why he said that) I explained that Uncle Joe works all night at the post office while we are sleeping and that when we are getting up in the morning, he is getting off of work and then goes home to sleep. Drew says "OH, so he's nocturnal!" Yep, my kid knows his science.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Impromptu Trip

The boys were off of school Friday due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Todd got done with his conferences by 10:30 and we decided to do something fun with the rest of our day. We ended up driving to Hannibal. We got there in time to grab some lunch at Subway, a family favorite. Then we headed over to Sawyer's Creek which wasn't a real happenin' place this time of year. But the boys enjoyed feeding the GIGANTIC fish in the pond. We then decided to take the boys through Mark Twain Cave. They had never been through it but we thought they would really like it. They LOVED it!!! Noah was scared at first but once he was in, realized there was nothing scary. The older boys enjoyed all the stories that went with it and even Aiden was amazed at it all. He's a tunnel fanatic so I thought he'd get into caves too. When we finished up there we headed downtown to hit some of the neat shops and get a treat to eat. I ran into Steve & Barry's and Goody's and we headed for home. Since we always come in the 36th street exit, we popped into Jane and Pete's to see Sarah and Jordan's new kittens. They were so adorable and so sweet. They were perfectly ok with being passed around. Good thing too because all 3 of the boys loved the cats and passed them around like hot potatoes. Aiden was very gentle with them. I miss having a cat soooo much. After our visit we talked about maybe getting one after Christmas. We'll have to wait and see.

Here's a few pics I took today at Grandpa Ken and Grandma Tunie's house. We went there after Drew's indoor soccer game and had a wiener roast down by the lake. It was a beautiful day.

My Little Climbers

Aiden takes tree hugging very seriously.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Todd, The Master Pumpkin Carver. We found some neat websites where you could print out templates for carving pumpkings. Aiden picked out Blue's Clues, Drew picked Darth Vader, and Noah picked a Ghost. They turned out pretty spooky, eh??

Chewbacca, Blue, and Obi Wan Kenobi. They were all so excited about their costumes and had a ball trick or treating. I was put in charge of Noah's Halloween party at school and it went great. I got to spend time in Drew's classroom too. The kids have such a ball at those parties and I have to admit I have fun too. The Kindergarten through 3rd got to wear their costumes and parade around school and it was neat to see all the creative costumes kids had. Trick or treating was fun as we always go around to some of the family's houses. The boys come home with so much loot it's insane. They are definitely spoiled. So now it's time to pack up the Halloween decorations and get out my few little Thanksgiving ones. It will be here before we know it.