Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Daylight Savings Time Sucks

Whoever came up with the idea for Daylight Savings Time obviously didn't have kids. "Gain and extra hour of sleep" my ass. It's more like you wake up an hour earlier with the kids who have no idea that the time is any different. Then their sleep patterns are screwed for another few days or so. Not fun. Throw in some coughing and hacking, some bed-wetting, and other not-so-fun night wakings and pretty soon you expect your kids to be braying at the moon. I'll be happy to get a full night's sleep again, especially after surviving 3 kids with pneumonia (at different times), time change, and now my own cold and Todd's hacking cough last night. Winter is coming in like a lion at our house!!
On a funny note, after I gave up trying to get Aiden and Drew back to sleep this morning, the three of us were laying in bed talking and Aiden was asking where Mawmaw, Pawpaw and other family members were. One by one, I said that they were in bed sleeping (and wishing I was too). Drew says "And Uncle Joe is probably snoring on the cough" (I have no idea why he said that) I explained that Uncle Joe works all night at the post office while we are sleeping and that when we are getting up in the morning, he is getting off of work and then goes home to sleep. Drew says "OH, so he's nocturnal!" Yep, my kid knows his science.


uncle joe said...

Yes I feel nocturnal sometimes. Trying to stay awake during jury duty has been kind of tough. We were sitting around waiting for the trial to begin and one girl went around the table asking people what they would be doing if they weren't here, I said sleeping. No one seemed to care.
Typical. sniff sniff

Aunt Cindy said...

I like that Drew thought Uncle Joe was snoring on the couch....in 30 years, I've never seen him fall asleep on the couch(or in a chair, or in a car, or anywhere but a bed) and he doesn't snore (though once in awhile he does make this cute little wheezy noise) I think it is great Drew has such a good vocabulary and is using it. He's growing up fast.

Dianna said...

I agree w/ you about daylight savings time~I can't stand it! By the time I get used to it, it's time to change back...grrrr.

10 more days~YIPPEE! I can't wait to see my best friend...w/ no vomiting children-Yee Haw*!*

Dianna said...

I am no longer slacking, thank you very much!

A/C said...

Is Dianna coming for a visit? [or did she get a new best friend?]