Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Impromptu Trip

The boys were off of school Friday due to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Todd got done with his conferences by 10:30 and we decided to do something fun with the rest of our day. We ended up driving to Hannibal. We got there in time to grab some lunch at Subway, a family favorite. Then we headed over to Sawyer's Creek which wasn't a real happenin' place this time of year. But the boys enjoyed feeding the GIGANTIC fish in the pond. We then decided to take the boys through Mark Twain Cave. They had never been through it but we thought they would really like it. They LOVED it!!! Noah was scared at first but once he was in, realized there was nothing scary. The older boys enjoyed all the stories that went with it and even Aiden was amazed at it all. He's a tunnel fanatic so I thought he'd get into caves too. When we finished up there we headed downtown to hit some of the neat shops and get a treat to eat. I ran into Steve & Barry's and Goody's and we headed for home. Since we always come in the 36th street exit, we popped into Jane and Pete's to see Sarah and Jordan's new kittens. They were so adorable and so sweet. They were perfectly ok with being passed around. Good thing too because all 3 of the boys loved the cats and passed them around like hot potatoes. Aiden was very gentle with them. I miss having a cat soooo much. After our visit we talked about maybe getting one after Christmas. We'll have to wait and see.

Here's a few pics I took today at Grandpa Ken and Grandma Tunie's house. We went there after Drew's indoor soccer game and had a wiener roast down by the lake. It was a beautiful day.

My Little Climbers

Aiden takes tree hugging very seriously.


Aunt Andrea said...

It sounds like a perfect day. We spent a day in Hannibal when Suzie was in the kindergarten and Liza just a toddler. I loved the pictures!

Dianna said...

Those spur of the moment trips are always the most fun~looks and sounds like a great time!