Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Fell Hopelessly, Head Over Heels in Love Today!!

I couldn't help it. I even tried to fight it, but it happened anyway. You would have too if you had seen him. He was a little ball of black fluff, with 4 white paws, white whiskers and a patch of white on his neck. He looked at me with eyes just begging to take him home. Aiden and I went back by the pet store twice this morning to see him and his brothers. The kittens were just adorable and exactly what I wanted. They also had 3 baby chihuahua's....a black, tan, and white one. They were so funny playing with each other and "talking". I think they were Aiden's favorite. We spent about a half an hour in the pet store the second time we came by it at the mall. He loved watching the fish, reptiles, puppies, kittens, and hamsters. It was so much fun but even now hours later, I can't get that kitten out of my mind. We decided we'd have to go back soon and visit the animals. We went to the mall today so I could go walking and do a couple of errands. Aiden and I have a routine down. He sits in the stroller and plays and eats a snack while I walk for about a half an hour and then we stop by the little playground by Penney's for him to play. When Noah found out last night we were coming, he gave Aiden one of his quarters to get some candy from one of the machines. I thought that was so sweet. We had a good time this morning. We had a special morning yesterday too.....we went to the Thanksgiving puppet show at the library. We ended up seeing a lot of people we knew there so it was fun. Then we stopped by Grandma Paulette's to drop off/pick up some stuff and got to see Blake and Ty which always brightens my day. There's just nothing better than one on one time with my boys. Sunday I took Drew to his basketball clinic (he'll be giving basketball a try this winter after indoor soccer is over) and afterwards, him and I went to Coffee on Broadway, got a drink, and sat on the couch there together and read. That's one of our special things we like to do together. Now I just need some time with my Noah and my week will be complete. This is Noah's first year of indoor soccer....he had his first game monday night. I had to work and missed it. His second is Saturday when I'm out of town. I'm bummed but anxiously looking forward to watching him. He has a team with his friends from school which he loves.
Two more days till I see Dianna and Preston!! I just need a healthy husband now. He coughed and hacked all night. If he even gets pneumonia now, I'll be mad. I know I'm being selfish but I can't have anything ruin this trip!


Dianna said...

Todd, drink your OJ and get plenty of sleep~I'd hate to have to kill you.....
Hope you're feeling better soon-
can't wait to see you both!

jane said...

I will make him all better, I promise

Aunt Cindy said...

I say threaten to LEAVE HIM BEHIND WITH THE BOYS...that should perk him right up. And I'd give rubbing vick's on his feet and put on socks when he sleeps....your mom's email says it works 100% of the time on coughs. Good luck, and give Dianna a hug from me.

and I can't wait to see your new with white paws has always been my dream kitty.

Mom said...

Will that kitty be finding a new home soon????????Hope all are well at your house for the BIg Trip on Friday.....You and Dianna deserve a good visit

Aunt Andrea said...

I hope you had fun with Dianna!! Did Todd get better? There have been a lot of staff out sick. Are you thinking about getting a kitten soon?