Thursday, November 8, 2007


WHY?? Why? Whyyyyy?!? why? W.H.Y??!!!?? Why. Why?

Ever feel like you hear that word too many times in a day?? Well, today folks, I think I've got ya beat. Aiden's new favorite word is WHY and I swear I've heard it no less than a thousand times today. It gets to a point where you just don't have an answer anymore and a 2 year old doesn't understand "Just Because". We got laughing at him because he says it so clearly and so seriously and ALL..THE..TIME!


Aunt Cindy said...

I kind of remember a mom that wanted her little boy to talk more clearly....this is clearly a case of "be careful what you ask for""WHY"? you ask...Just because! Enjoy this new phase

Beth said...

Ty actually will ask why and then answer, "Just because" to himself:) I guess he's heard that from me a little too much after the repeated asking over the same thing. So I know what you mean!

Mom said...

As much as I love talking with my own kids-or grandsons-the "why" drives me crazy since you can answer each why in a long string and still never get to an end..and some "why" questions have no answer for me to give! and they ALL go through this period