Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ok, just hopping on the computer really quick before I get ready for work. I hope my day goes better than my morning started. It's kind of gross, but actually pretty funny. Aiden wakes up still running a slight fever so I take him in to get him a bath and some ice cold juice. I walk in the bathroom and see a toilet full of pee with a pair of Spongebob underwear in it. What the hell??? So I throw Aiden in the tub and fish out the underwear. Ewwww. I notice a pair of Drew's underwear and boxers on top of the hamper. Hmmm. I heard one boy get up during the night to use the bathroom, did they both get up?? I ask Noah about the underwear. He says "I thought I put them in the hamper" Uhh, no. Apparently he wasn't completely awake when he got up to potty. Todd asked Drew if the underwear were in the toilet when he got up. He hangs his head and looks really ashamed and says yes. I said "So you peed on them anyway??" His answer....."You said not to wake you up" First of all, I never said that. Second we have 2 other toilets in the house. They really make me crazy sometimes but I love them anyway. I get to spend 9 hours working today and will miss them like crazy by the end of the day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Todd on Father's Day

Well here I sit to finally write about all that's been happening and I'm so tired my eyes are crossing. So I guess I might not cover everything tonight. Aiden started running a fever today. I don't know what's going on as he just had a fever about 3 1/2 weeks ago. What's up with this?? He's had a diaper rash since Monday. I'm kind of wondering if he's cutting molars, or at least I'm hoping that's it. I can't deal with any more sickness. Drew just got over being sick himself about 3 weeks ago. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I work all day so poor Todd will have to deal with it.

Yesterday I went shopping in St Louis with mom and Aunt Cindy. We had a great day of shopping talking and eating (had Macaroni Grill, Cinnabon, and Starbucks). It was nice to get away and relax and have time for myself. Of course I missed my boys and bought them more stuff than I did for myself. It's just more fun to buy for them! Noah has had art camp all week and has really enjoyed it. Tomorrow is his last day. Drew had it last week and had a ball too. It's a really good program. Drew recently finished up two classes at John Wood also that he enjoyed. Todd, Noah and I went there for the last day for his open house. They put on a play in one class and they showed off all of their artwork in the other one, it was nice.

Sunday was Todd's 35th birthday as well as the Gustison reunion. He said he had a nice day. He was treated to some nice gifts and Noah helped me make him a nice breakfast. The reunion was fun and the weather was nice so it was a welcome relief from all of the heat.

Saturday was the Running Raider Classic. I beat my time from last year by 2 minutes which was exciting and Erica and I finished 2nd and 3rd place overall out of all the women so we were excited about that. It was fun. Todd beat his time from last year also so he was happy with that.

Father's Day we spent time at the Cabin with dad and family and Beth's family. Todd's parents were out of town till that evening so they couldnt make it. We had a lot of fun. The boys got to swim in the pool Matt set up which was a lot of fun for them and of course they love those Gator rides!

The TriJesus Triathalon was awesome. Todd did great and even got 2nd place in his age group. Drew was awesome, I was so proud of him. He struggled a little with the swimming but kicked butt in the running and biking. He was so cute....he had a big ole grin on his face the whole time. I think he enjoyed his "audience" of us, all the grandparents, Uncle Scott,Uncle Joe and Aunt Cindy, and Erica,Brad and the boys. He's already looking forward to next year.

Noah really impressed me the other day. He brought me a handful of quarters,dimes,nickels and pennies and asked me if he could trade his $2 worth of coins for 2 one dollar bills. I said sure. I then counted all of his change out of curiosity. He had counted out exactly $2 in change on his own. Not bad for a 5 year old. He does so well with money and math in general. I know a lot of it he picks up from us working with Drew. How many five year olds can add,subtract, and do simple multiplication among other things??? Kindergarten will be a breeze for him.

Work has been busy for me lately. Chris (the owner) has been training me on the stuff that she does so I can do it all when she's not there. I'm working extra this week and next while she's on vacation in MN and get manager pay for it too. Not too bad! I love all the work I'm doing and love the fact that she's given me all this responsibility. It makes me feel good. I even have my own key to the store now. I'll be working more the rest of the summer too. Patti is leaving in a couple of weeks. She works 3 days per week so we have to cover her hours plus we're getting to our really busy season. In fact it starts as soon as we get back from CO. I have no idea what Chris will to to fill her position but for now Anne and I are the only ones that can do all the stuff that Patti did so we're it for now. We'll see what happens....

Ok, my contacts are drying on my eyes as we speak. (I"m trying out toric lenses and let me tell you, I haven't had vision this awesome in years!!!!! It's amazing) Time for me to get to bed. I'll hopefully figure out how to add more pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here I Am

Here I am continuing my blog from....

For some reason I can never get on there anymore so I'll link the two together for now and hopefully at some point I can get the problems resolved over there. I still haven't backed up my year of blogging onto disc and I want to save all of those memories for my boys. I have much to write about but have to get ready for my eye appointment. I'll catch up on my 2 weeks worth later....