Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2 of Summer Vacation

1 box of Legos + 3 boys of varying ages x a little creativity=hours of fun together


If only they always played together this well..............

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Graduation Day

The big day has arrived.....Aiden's preschool graduation! What a bittersweet moment. The reality of him actually going to kindergarten in the fall has hit. He is not a little guy anymore. 5 1/2 years ago when he was born, I was enjoying all of my little guys, only one being old enough for school. I thought the days of all 3 being in school full time were light years away. Then I blinked and here we are. I'm afraid to go to sleep for fear of waking up and having them be ready to graduate high school and college. It's not just the realization that they are growing up so fast, but also the fact that I will be entering a new phase of my life and it scares me. For the first time in 12 1/2 years, I won't have kids at home with me. I don't know if I like that feeling. Waaaaay back when, I had plans of how things would fall into place once the boys were all in school. Now that the time is here, I'm rethinking things a lot. Thinking about what I want, what works for our family, what will keep our family as a whole the happiest and running smoothly, what is best financially. I had faith that things would fall into place, and slowly they are. I'm starting to see what I will be doing and feeling good about it. I'll fill you in as things progress a little more. :)

So back to today. The kiddos looked so cute dressed up and they put on quite a cute little production for us. I missed the graduation caps that Noah and Drew wore back at their graduation, but that's ok. Aiden even had a line from a poem to memorize and he did it just fine!

I had a hard time getting all the kids in one photo. He had 18 kids in his class this year and they were such a cute, well behaved class. I was impressed.

Singing one of their songs.

Receiving his diploma from Mrs. Steinkamp

Waving the ole diploma at us as he walked out the door. I think he was pretty proud of that!

Enjoying a celebratory snack of cookies and punch.

Big brother Noah got to come down for the ceremony. (Thanks Mrs Benner!)

Grandma Paulette and Grandpa John

Grandma Tunie

Me and my little sunshine. Dad had to dash out to get back to school so I didn't get a picture with him, I was bummed.

Aiden & Mrs Steinkamp--she is an amazing teacher with the most creative ideas. She's earned quite a reputation since she moved back to Quincy to teach here. Both classes for next year are already at capacity with a waiting list for each. That speaks highly of her!

Aiden and Mrs Blickhan--she is the teachers aide and we love her too. Both women are so patient and loving with the children. You can not ask for more!

The outside of the diploma

The "official" document.

He's ready for kindergarten!

It's just hard to explain to him that it will be a full 3 months before he starts! Let's enjoy summer vacation first shall we?? :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures From Mother's Day

Mother's Day and gorgeous weather....we HAD to take some pictures!

After church we went to Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken's house. Todd and his Dad cooked us a DELICIOUS lunch. So much better than trying to fight the crowds somewhere. Todd made me Bourbon Salmon Skewers. Mmmmm, my baby knows me well.

Drew and I out on the deck.

Me and my Mr. Noah
Love this sweet smile on Aiden.

The Cardinal. Drew was all over the backyard taking pictures of him. Had to post one of them for him.

Our best attempt at a group shot.

Grandma Tunie and her Grandboys

Tunie and Her "Babies"

Our last attempt at a group shot.

Then we headed to my mom and dads to visit before my mom headed to work. I'm mad that we forgot to take pictures while the rest of the family was there. I would have loved one with my mom, my 2 brothers and me as well as one with mom and all 7 grandkids. Another time I guess.

Grandma Paulette with my boys (and Maggie who decided to pick that time to stand on the picnic table!)

Me and my Mom (and Maggie once again)

It was a wonderful Mother's Day, my boys were so sweet to me, reminding me once again how awesome it is to have 3 boys that love their mommy. My hubby spoiled me with food and housework. The boys made the cutest gifts for me--I'll need to take some pictures of them. It was a busy and relaxing day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

These 3 beautiful boys.........

call me MOM!

What better gift could I ever ask for? Last week Aiden kept asking me who my favorite son was. I kept trying to explain that I didn't have a favorite, that I loved each of them for their uniqueness. How could I explain that I love each of them the most? For their similarities, for their differences, for the little things in them that are so special to me, the parts of them that are like me, the parts of them I wish I were like, everything about them.

Even on the hardest days, the ones where they frustrate me to pieces, I would never, EVER exchange the gift of being their mom. I am so incredibly blessed with these three for so many reasons. I love being their Mom.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roller Hockey

After many attempts, I have decided it's near impossible to get a good picture at roller hockey. Between the constant, quick movement and the terrible lighting, everything is either a blur or dark. I managed to get some usable ones from Drew's last night of hockey. They had a winning season and it was exciting. You wouldn't believe how fun it is to watch 10-13 year olds play roller hockey--very intense!

He wasn't too thrilled to pose for a picture in his gear, so I snapped one really quick.
That's him in the front going towards the puck. I can't believe how far he has come in the 2 years he has played. He has scored almost every week and some weeks, multiple times!

He's the blurry one in the front. Notice the score?? Drew's team is the '6'.

Drew's hockey team.....with their 1st place medals! Woohoo!! So exciting for them!

We're done with hockey until late fall. I know Drew will be anxious to start up again.