Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures From Mother's Day

Mother's Day and gorgeous weather....we HAD to take some pictures!

After church we went to Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken's house. Todd and his Dad cooked us a DELICIOUS lunch. So much better than trying to fight the crowds somewhere. Todd made me Bourbon Salmon Skewers. Mmmmm, my baby knows me well.

Drew and I out on the deck.

Me and my Mr. Noah
Love this sweet smile on Aiden.

The Cardinal. Drew was all over the backyard taking pictures of him. Had to post one of them for him.

Our best attempt at a group shot.

Grandma Tunie and her Grandboys

Tunie and Her "Babies"

Our last attempt at a group shot.

Then we headed to my mom and dads to visit before my mom headed to work. I'm mad that we forgot to take pictures while the rest of the family was there. I would have loved one with my mom, my 2 brothers and me as well as one with mom and all 7 grandkids. Another time I guess.

Grandma Paulette with my boys (and Maggie who decided to pick that time to stand on the picnic table!)

Me and my Mom (and Maggie once again)

It was a wonderful Mother's Day, my boys were so sweet to me, reminding me once again how awesome it is to have 3 boys that love their mommy. My hubby spoiled me with food and housework. The boys made the cutest gifts for me--I'll need to take some pictures of them. It was a busy and relaxing day.


Kat said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!
I love all the group shots and can SO relate. Most of my pictures my boys were all scowling. They looked really mad. I think they are getting to the point that they don't like group pics anymore. ;)

Glad you had a lovely day!

Mom said...

Maggie wanted in the pictures since she is my "baby" too....wish we would have thought of pictures here earlier too!

Cassie said...

Great pictures! Happy belated mother's day!