Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

These 3 beautiful boys.........

call me MOM!

What better gift could I ever ask for? Last week Aiden kept asking me who my favorite son was. I kept trying to explain that I didn't have a favorite, that I loved each of them for their uniqueness. How could I explain that I love each of them the most? For their similarities, for their differences, for the little things in them that are so special to me, the parts of them that are like me, the parts of them I wish I were like, everything about them.

Even on the hardest days, the ones where they frustrate me to pieces, I would never, EVER exchange the gift of being their mom. I am so incredibly blessed with these three for so many reasons. I love being their Mom.

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Kat said...

Awww. What a lovely post.
I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! :)