Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things About My Kids That Never Cease to Amaze Me

Drew's Creativity Drew walks out of the bathroom yesterday holding an empty toilet paper roll and excitedly says, "Mom, mom look what I found". I said "Yep, that was in the trash can". Drew says "But mom, there are so many things we can do with this" I'm thinking "yeah, put it out for the trash guy". But Drew goes on to explain how he could make a Christmas Tree, or a Santa, or Paul Bunyan like they did in school. He goes off to his room with his wheels just a turning. Give me a few days, that old toilet paper roll will become a piece of art in my house! He is always thinking and creating. It's so fun to watch. I've actually learned a lot from him and am discovering my own creativity as we go.

Aiden's Memory Aiden has the most amazing memory. He may just be barely two but I can tell him one thing, like we are out of juice and two days later when I ask him if he wants juice he reminds me that it is all gone. He also has his favorite books memorized. Today we read "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog" He recited every line right along with me even using the different little voices I adapted for the characters. Then we proceed to sing his favorite songs. He already has some xmas songs memorized that he sang for me. I didn't teach them to him so I don't know where they came from. But that kid has the cutest little singing voice!

Noah's Reading and Math Ability Noah has really been picking up on the reading lately. It's so fun to watch him learn. They also have been having "spelling tests" at school and he can spell pretty much any 3 letter word you give him. He's just a little sponge right now absorbing everything at school. He's always had an incredibly aptitude for math. He loved impressing people in preschool by showing how he can add,subtract, and multiply. He doesn't use his fingers and he just cranks out the answers. It just amazes me. It even amazed Todd and being a math teacher who is brilliant in math, it takes a lot to impress him. Or maybe it's just that it's our kid and our 3 boys never cease to amaze us!! I always look forward to seeing what they learn next!


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how different all the boys are-each with their own talents and quirks. Each can always make me smile, laugh out loud, or the simple "I love you" to make my day

Mom said...

"Anonymous" took the credit for my comment...even though I typed in Mom and have tried 5 times to send this it me or the Blog?????

Dianna said...

It's so fun to see how different they are-they are always together, being raised by the same parents, and they still manage to find their own "ways". It's the ole nature vs. nurture~some things are just "in" them*!*