Friday, November 9, 2007

Am I really THAT old??

Last night I was tucking Drew in and we were talking about various things. Out of the blue he asks me, "Did you have TV when you were younger?" Whoa, back up there! I'm not THAT old. So I started telling him about the things we had back then and all the things we have now that didn't even exist back in the 70's. Then I realized, I AM getting old. Yikes. The big 3-5 lingers next month, it's all downhill to 40 after that. But honestly, it's ok, you're only as old as you feel and although my body feels older, my heart is young and that's what is important. If I'd get my butt out to exercise more, it might feel younger too!

Ahhh, I miss that old Snoopy record player!!


Dianna said...

Kel, what is a record player?
And who is Snoopy?

You ARE old :)!

Aunt "4-7" Cindy said...

3-5??? If only. :o(

Aunt Andrea said...

I'm OLD! Forty is young!!! That's how you know you're old...when forty was 12 years ago...You my child, are YOUNG!!