Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talking Politics With a 7 & 9 Year Old

At supper last night I asked the boys if they were having mock elections at school and they said they were. Drew said his class had already voted and that he voted for McCain. I asked him why he chose that candidate and he said he didn't know why. Good, I'm happy to hear my kid is making informed decisions. Sheesh. So I asked Noah and he said "Did you hear what Obama does to babies?" Huh? I asked him what he heard and he told us that Mathias (a boy in his class) told him that his dad told him that Obama kills all the babies that no one wants. He looked shocked by this. I explained that he doesn't physically go around killing babies but he supports laws that makes it ok for a woman to kill her baby when it is still inside of her. Abortion is also against our religion and since it's a Catholic school I'm sure that issue was raised with the older kids. I was a little disturbed by my 7 year old having that discussion with his 7 year old friend. So Noah proceeds to tell us that when his class voted, he voted for Obama. I asked him why, especially after what he told us and he said he didn't know anything about McCain. Ok, I'm sooo glad my kids are learning about the candidates and making educated decisions. Just one more reason why I hate discussing politics. I guess maybe we should so they at least know what is going on!

The boys got their school pictures back today. I think they turned out pretty cute but I wish Noah had left that top button unbuttoned. :)
Noah also got his soccer pictures back tonight at practice. Pretty darn cute with that little snaggletooth of his. It finally fell out over the weekend when I was in Chicago and the tooth fairy forgot to come that night. Luckily, he, er....she remembered to come the next night.


Beth said...

I LOVE their school pictures...ADORABLE! I hate talking politics but Blake has already asked about "that Barack Obama guy on TV and the other guy". Can you tell who spends more money on advertising????

Jessi said...

Hailey's school has actually been doing a pretty good job about talking about the candidates and what they stand for. She's a hoot talking about it though because she thought her vote was really going to count in the big election :)

Our tooth fairy wasn't very prepared the last time for Hailey's tooth. There was no cash to be found, so Hailey got 2 saccies :) Thank you Uncle John!!

Mom said...

Good school pictures...not the ones of old that I was sued to! That tooth fairy needs to get "her" act together-isnt this strike number 2???? Thanks goodness for females

Weber said...

LOL! Sadly it sounds like your boys are just about as correctly informed as most of the US is. I can't believe that if people read something on the internet they just take it for the truth instead of looking further into it.
Cute pictres - reminds me I need to post Ethan's soccer pict. I LOVE those toothless smiles!

david mcmahon said...

Your boys and my children are so fortunate to live in a democratic country.

Dianna said...

Ick...talking politics alone makes me squirm. Yikes...with the kiddos about such heavy stuff~not looking forward to that*!*

ThriftyDecorChick said...

Your 7 and 9 year olds sound like MANY who will vote tomorrow, unfortunately!! :) I always come to your site, just so I can jam out. Ha!!

Laura said...

I teach 6th grade ....because of their ages I am limited in my ability to speak about issues the way I would like.
This was a hard election for a teacher...especially one voting on the republican ticket.
But anyhoo..