Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Visitors Part 2

Anyone that knows us, knows that one of our favorite ways to spend a beautiful day is out at my mom and dad's cabin. Cookouts, Gator rides, swimming in the lake, fishing, hunting for bugs and frogs, playing games, s'mores, there is a neverending list of fun to be had. Of course we had to take our summer visitors out there. It had been ages since they were last out there.

We played some rodeo golf.
We played some keep away with the ball. Adults vs. Children. Let me tell you, they put up a good fight.
I don't know if I was more exhausted from laughing or running around like a maniac.

I love this picture that Dianna took of Drew trying to tell me a little white lie. I wasn't buying it though. Moms just know. But he was darn cute while he was doing it.

Cooling off in the lake. This inflatable island is a blast.

Of course, there's nothing like a Gator ride along all of the trails and back roads. "Look Mom, no hands!"

The kids love to load up and take a ride.

We still laugh at this picture. My dad took Dianna's mom on a ride to show her all of the land. My hubby and my brother Nate hid in the corn with those crazy foam noodles and when they came by, waved them in their faces. I hope you can see their expressions. It truly scared the crap out of them! LOL

We finished off the night with the kids watching Todd get his supplies together to make fire balloons. My Aunt Janet had no idea what she started with those...
Lighting the fire balloon!

Part 3 coming below!


Mom said...

That day at the cabin was The Best...good weather for July, good friends, good fun. The noodle scare was just toooo funny.

Dianna said...

Truly one of my favorite days ever spent. Fun, food, and most importantly, friends. The girls still talk about that day and ask when we are going back :)