Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Visitors Part 4

Ok, I know you were just dying for me to get to my post of the David Cook concert, right?? Dianna had already seen him twice..once in the American Idol concert (and met him!) and once on Valentine's Day in Biloxi, MS with her hubby. I had seen him once in the spring with my brother, Beth, and Katie (and we met him!!!) We had talked how we'd love to go see him in concert together sometime. Well, the stars aligned just right because he was going to be in concert in Monticello, IA during the time she was here visiting. So we road tripped the 3 hours to Cedar Rapids, checked in our hotel, gussied ourselves up and headed to the Jones County Fair to see Mr. Cook.

This was the view of the highway on the entire drive up there. It was a gorgeous day. Did I mention that our incredible hubbies stayed behind at our house with all 5 kids so that we could make this memorable trip together. We are truly married to some awesome guys!!

I had never heard of Green River Ordinance but they were really good. Then David Cook came on and our nights were made. Dianna got some incredible pictures.......did I mention she scored us some 3rd row seats from Craigslist???

Our Self Portrait---we look a little crazed.
Here he was looking right at us and yelled, "hey you, come on up.". What? It could happen.
By far my favorite picture....look at that smile!

Dianna has a thing for his biceps. Can't say I blame her, look at those bad boys.

Andy heres a heartbreaker....he has some of his own music out and he has an incredibly sexy voice. Some of his music is on my blog playlist.

Ok, these next 2 pictures are taken with my camera with no real zoom on it. Sucks, but what can I do?? Well, I can show you how close we were to him and the stage. No zoom here, we were close!
They finished off the show with incredible fireworks.
We hung around.....umm, for awhile, hoping he'd come out like the last concert but no luck. We did see him come out to take his dog potty. Here's the ole tour bus heading out of the park. Bye David, an incredible show as always!!!

Dianna's view on the way home....another beautiful day. We woke up and hit the road because we knew as soon as we got home, we were packing up with our family to hit the cabin for sun and fun.

This summer was beyond incredible. Yes, it flew by faster than any other summer has but we made some unforgettable memories for ourselves and our children. We were truly blessed to experience everything that we did this summer.


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Mom said...

Starting on comments from the bottom up.....such a road trip for best feiends to take;so glad you two got to go! I KNOW you had a great time

Dianna said...

So glad we got to see boyfriend fun was that?!?

Kel, I will NEVER forget this summer. So much fun seeing our kids playing together...I still can't believe that there are little people that call us *Mom*! Wild seeing them playing in the same places we unreal.
Thank you SO much for having us.
EPIC summer...we MUST do it again.
I love you my friend*!*

Dianna said...

I'm ready to do this all over again...ok?