Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Visitors Part 1

4 of my favorite people came to visit for almost 2 weeks this summer. It was heaven. Dianna and I got to do all of the things that we would do if we lived next door to each other like the olden days.......morning coffee, sitting outside watching the kids play, cookout at the cabin, parks, shopping, etc. I've never had 2 weeks fly by so quickly but we have a million pictures to document it all. Literally, a million between the two of our cameras. Well....not really but close. Somehow I will whittle it down the best I this will take place over a few different posts. Keep scrolling down to see it all.

My girl, Dianna with her adorable hubby, Preston, and her precious daughters that I would keep in a heartbeat, Delaney and Mallory. This was taken the day they arrived in St Louis.....we spent it at the zoo and had a blast. My mom and dad drove down to meet up with us also and it was a gorgeous day.

You always have to do the gorilla picture. I think my boys are tired of the gorilla but it's tradition and it's a first for Delaney and Mallory.

Lovers Reunited. These two are so stinkin' adorable. I posted another cute picture of them on THIS POST when I posted a few randoms from their visit.

I die laughing every time I see this picture. We have a number of pictures of this poor ole bear. He looks like he's ready to end it all, like he's had a bear of a day. Oh I kill myself. I just looked at him and said he's saying "I'm Done".

The day after they arrived was Delaney's 9th birthday. Mallory and Aiden made her birthday cake, along with a little romantic licking of the spoons.

After supper we had some birthday cake and ice cream.

We had so much fun that week doing a lot of fun things and having fun doing nothing much at all. Perfect summer days......

Shooting some hoops as Drew likes to say.

Todd worked with Delaney to ride a bike without training wheels. It was amazing to see her confidence soar.

Beth and the kiddos met us up at the playground and the kids had a ball playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

We hit the deer park to feed the animals and amazingly the deer let the kids pet them.

Can you read the sign in the middle?? Can't you tell we obeyed??

What is it about this picture that just screams "I'm A Dad"

Everyone had a blast wading around in the creek near my mom and dad's house. We found a TON of geodes and found some good flat rocks for painting.

The kids had fun each splitting their own geodes and we got all of our paints out one afternoon on the deck and let all of the kiddos paint one for a keepsake.

Drew made this one to perch near our front porch. I just love it and we've gotten many compliments on it.

Delaney painted this masterpiece to take back to her house.

Dianna made a collage out of pictures of Aiden and named it "The Many Faces of Aiden". I love how it captures his personality.

More pictures to come, including our beautiful day at my mom and dad's cabin and the David Cook concert!!!


Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love your amazing that it has lasted so long!

Jan said...

Looks like you had a truly wonderful summer with your visitors here. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

THose are awesome pics...I love the way Dianna edits her photos...I need some pointers! Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

and for the days of just doing ordinary summer things with your best friend/family.......I know that 2 weeks held more memories that most years for you two! I hope your kids can grow up and continue to have shared memories

Deb said...

Enjoyed all your pictures, Kelly! Looks as though you made lots of great memories together. So awesome that your friendship has lasted so long and is ongoing with your families too. Very nice! ;-)

Dianna said...

Oh Kel, I couldn't leave a comment the other day because I couldn't see the screen through my misty eyes. This summer was so wonderful...and NO puking involved!

We ARE going to do it again...and I can't wait!
Love and miss you ALL!