Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aiden's Party

Is this the face of a happy 4 year old?? I think so. He had an awesome birthday. I think he likes being 4 because the next morning, he came running into the kitchen when he woke up and the first thing he said was "Mom! Am I still 4?" I've had to reassure him a few times since that he will never be 3 again.
Drew came up with some games for the kiddos. Here they are playing Lion, Lion, Hyena which is like Duck Duck Goose. Whoever is it, has to wear the lion tail and whoever ends up being the Hyena has to chase them around the circle and try to get the tail. Ty has the tail in this picture. I love his face.

I just love Aiden's face as he runs around the circle here. (Yes, my basement lighting sucks and yes, that is me stuffing my face with cake in the background!)
Aiden and his jungle cake. Him and Todd pored over pictures of cakes and he decided he wanted the hill with the waterfall coming down off of it with his Diego and jungle animals on it. I think he and Todd did a great job!

Making his 4 year old wish! He got those candles on the first try!
He was so excited about all of his gifts. He'd yell, or shout "It's just what I've always wanted". This picture cracks me up b/c he came running over to me to show me what he got. He was one excited birthday boy!
I knew he'd be excited over this toy. He wanted to buy this in Disney World with his money but then got in trouble and had to leave the store. Todd got it so we could put it back for his birthday.
He's been dying for this Orca Whale.
Saturday we got to celebrate his cousin Ty's birthday which was a blast. Now we have to get used to having 2 four year olds in the family. I wonder what this year will bring!


Mom said...

It was a fun party-super food as usual. I know Aiden loved it all-what a good time he had! Drew did a great job with games (nice to have a helper I am sure!) Now the grandson duo has turned 4-what will this year bring in antics????

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a blast Aiden!

Deb said...

Happy 4th Birthday Aiden! Looks like you had a great party! ;-)

Cindy said...

I does look like one happy birthday boy that enjoyed his party very much. Good job mom and dad...I do remember how much work went into those parties....but worth it all for the smiles and joy it brings your child.
NOW enjoy your FOUR YEAR OLD...never a good age for my boys...they were 'sassy' at 4.

Dianna said...

SOOO wish we could have been there. I'm more homesick than ever...

That pic of Aiden running up to the camera is HILARIOUS*!*