Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Visitors Part 3

Bored yet?? Sorry but 2 more posts.

We had a family dinner one night at my parents while Dianna's mom was still in town visiting too. It was perfect weather for playing in the backyard.

Relaxing on the porch.My Dad's infamous "toss a kid in the air". Don't worry, he always catches them.

Ty got some air here.

Mallory had her first experience. She wasn't too sure about it.

Ellie kept going down to Grandma's garden and picking her flowers.

Mallory and Ellie having some girl bonding time.

Aiden and Ty checking out the cows that like to walk up to mom and dad's fence.

My friend Erica also had us two, Jennifer, and Johnna and ALL the kiddos over to her parents house to swim one day. The kids had a ball. They swam, ate lunch, had ice cream and cake, played games.....and everyone got along. BONUS. Here are all the kids gathered by the pool. Seriously us 5 girls have busy over recent years!

Last but CERTAINLY NOT the least.....Dianna and I's road trip to a David Cook concert.

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Mom said...

Such a relaxing and fun night in the new house...with our "neighbors" the Deters girls. I worry about dad catching the kids .......he is getting older you know!

Dianna said...

Such fun being with my *family*!
Another perfect day :)