Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drew's Birthday in St Louis

Since 10 is a big birthday I asked Drew what he wanted to do to celebrate and we could do something a little bigger this year. He really wanted to go to St Louis for 2 big reasons.....to eat at Chuck E Cheese and to go up in the arch. He had just finished a book that talked about the arch in it and he was curious to visit. The 4 grandparents and the 5 of us headed to St Louis on Sunday. We started off at Toys R Us then headed to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. The boys had a blast there!

In this game Drew told me he was shooting down airplanes and other aircraft. Nice. So this is where they train you to be a terrorist.

Hang on Aiden, it's a wild ride!

Noah's playing one of my favorites....skee ball.
After lunch we headed for the Arch. After all the rain and snow Saturday at home, it shaped up to be a really nice day in downtown St Louis. It was about 50 and sunny, much nicer than we had anticipated. The arch was beautiful in the sunlight.
This is standing in the middle looking up. I still get dizzy just looking at this picture.

These little pods you ride in to get to the top can make you a bit clautrophobic...they put 5 people in there. I remember as a kid getting stuck in there for awhile....no fun!
Me, Todd, Aiden, and Grandma Paulette rode in this one.

Grandpa Ken, Grandma Tunie, Drew and Noah rode in the other one. Grandpa John decided to spend his time in the museum while we went up.
Here's a picture of Busch Stadium from the top of the arch. I'm amazed at how well the picture turned out considering how every window up there was covered in finger and nose prints!

Noah and Drew gazing out the window. It was neat but I was getting dizzy and queasy up there. It was a windy day and I was feeling it. Blech.

After the arch we headed to Target and to the Mills Mall. We did a little shopping, the males all rode the go-karts, we had a quick supper at Steak n Shake and headed home. It was a wonderful day, the boys behaved so well, and Drew was a very happy 10 year old.


Beth said...

Looks like a FUN time! I'm sad we couldn't go, but hope to next trip.

I love the first arch picture with the sunburst...great composition!

Happy Bday Drewdles!

Deb said...

What a fun-filled day!

I loved the arch as a kid-teenager...haven't been up in years. Not sure how I'd like it now. Beautiful views from there though!

I agree with Beth, Great picture of the arch!

Have a good day. ;-)

Amy said...

Aww happy Birthday!! You know I never went up IN the Arch although we went there plenty of times...I couldn't handle the pods..LOL

mom said...

What a fun day...although I am still waiting for a zoo trip! The weather HAS to warm up sometime! Happy 10th Drew...where did those years go?

Weber said...

Oh how fun! I love days like those - so special. Great family memories.
I remember going up in the arch when I was in 5th grade. What I remember most is being in those little elevator things with nothing but boys! My friends got put in another one and I was stuck with BOYS! YUCK!!! How embarassing.
Glad it was a wonderful day for you guys. It's so nice when everyone gets along too. :-)

Jessi said...

That trip looked awesome! I think it's wonderful that you included the grandparents too. Very special for Drew. Sounds like a great birthday!