Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anyone For 9 Holes?? / Pi Day

Today I'm not going to brag about my boys or talk about what's going on in my life. Today I'm going to brag up my hubby a little. He is a high school math teacher and in my eyes, is an incredible teacher. He has such a passion for what he does and really cares that his students succeed. He also comes up with fun ways to incorporate math into their daily life. Recently his Geometry classes used their skills to design a 9 hole mini golf course. Every year when his classes do a project, they design a math related t-shirt to sell to students to raise money to pay for the materials needed. For those of you out of the math loop, March 14th is Pi Day. You know...3.14....... (Todd can recite the numbers for's really sad.) His math classes celebrate that every year with a miniature pie that Todd picks up by the caseload at Walmart. This year all of this fun fell on the same day. Todd took some pictures....a ton actually and then after school last friday the boys and I went to school with him so they could play a round of golf themselves before we helped Todd take down the golf course. So here are a few of the many pictures (I'm on my laptop so I can't use my photo editing software....sorry some are dark)

Here are a few of the holes from his mini course. They had it set up in the back hallway by his classroom.

Here is Patrick with one of the math t-shirts they sold draped over him. The equation may not make sense to most of us but when you solve it, or reduce the equation, or something......the answer reads "i over 8pi" Hmm, that's funny that the pi symbol isn't on my keyboard. I'm sure most people need to type that all of the time, don't you think?? Anyway "I over ate pie". Are they comedians or what??? They sold a ton of t-shirts at school as they usually do. I think it's kind of funny to imagine a large portion of the student body walking around with a math related joke on their shirts.

This girl got into it even more by painting the pi symbol on her fingernails.

Striking a pose or a hole in one??

Drew concentrating on his putt.

Daddy and Aiden race down the hall.

Those 3 shadows are my boys playing. I told you the lighting was bad....maybe I should have used a flash, huh?? :)

Such concentration............

Todd's problem solving class is currently working on a scale model of the Sydney Opera House. I'm anxious to see how it turns out.


Kat said...

That is awesome! What I would have given to have a teacher make math FUN for me. So cool. Love it!
And the pictures are great! No flash needed. :)

Mom said...

Your husband is a super teacher-wish they were all like him....what ways to keep the kids interested. Enjoyed all the pics-I think the boys enjoyed the golf!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love this! I taught 6th grade math and science before I had my girls and I totally get into this type of thing. I have a pie banner that I had posted at the top of the wall in my classroom and it went out 100 numbers or so past the decimal. Oh yes, I have lots of geeky math t-shirts too. Love them!

Jessi said...

Todd is an amazing teacher - I remember him helping me with some of my math & science things in high school & middle school. If more teachers were like him, I think learning would be much more enjoyable and something that everyone would want to do the rest of their lives.

Cindy said...

It is more than a gift, it is a true calling in life for Todd. He never lets it get dull for the kids or stale for him. He is amazing in the things he comes up with. I DO wish all teachers were like him and that profession would get a LOT more respect....As it is I wish my boys could have been in his class. Keep up the good job Todd...You really are changing lives.

(It felt wonderful seeing the halls I walked not so long ago....What do you mean that 31 years is a long time ago? Seems like yesterday)