Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

We had quite a fun weekend.

We played in a box of packing peanuts.
We played a little football. Look at my form, my grace.....I was going to catch that ball, darn it! LOL

Drew's a little light on his feet.

We also have been playing a lot of basketball now that we moved the hoop to the front of the garage where we have a bigger "court" to play on.

Noah went to the district wide Pinewood Derby competition on Saturday. He ended up somewhere in the top half so he was happy. That's his car on the far right.
You probably can't read my text in this picture but that brown blur is Noah crossing the finish line in first place.

Saturday night we all ate at my mom and dad's since Nate was in town. It was good to see my littlest bro and the weather was nice enough for all the kiddos to play outside. The food was awesome, nothing like a burger on the grill when the weather is nice and it was a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday, Grandma Tunie and Grandpa Ken threw Drew a pool party at Fairfield Inn with his friends for his 10th birthday. It was a VERY long 2 hours. 'Nuff said about that!

Make a wish Drew!
He opened some cool gifts, had cake and ice cream, swam and had a blast with his friends, brothers, and cousins....Blake,Ty,and Ellie.

Noah doing a crazy belly flop!
Poor Ellie was the only girl there. She was stylin' in her adorable bathing suit and pigtails though. I could have eaten her all up.

We also took a family jog on Sunday. I jogged further than I ever thought I could do without stopping and then walked for awhile after it. I'm a little sore today but feeling very confident about pulling off my very first RUNNING 5K in May. I much prefer to walk them but decided to join Drew in his run so he wouldn't be alone if Todd did the half marathon. It's also one more thing to add to my list of things that I have done that I never thought I would. I'm happy to say that list is growing! I'm getting more adventurous in my older age. Aiden and Noah did well with the jog yesterday too. We all know Aiden has boundless energy but I didn't know if he'd have the stamina....he did great! I see more family jogs in our future.

Drew and I finished off the weekend watching Twilight on DVD. It was my 3rd time and since I didn't want Drew to read the book till he was a bit older, I did think the movie was ok for him and he LOVED it. What a wonderful weekend. My To-Do list is still a mile long but at least I procrastinated tackling it by having fun with my family. The dust and clutter will still be there tomorrow.


Controlling My Chaos said...

We got back into running last week too. It feels so good to be outside, sucking that fresh air into our starving lungs.

Deb said...

What a great weekend, Kelly. Love all the pictures...Happy 'early' birthday Drew! Looks like a great pool party!

I agree with the 'work' always being is important to spend time together while you can! ;-) Have a good day.

Weber said...

I love the shadows and sweetness in that first picture with the packing peanuts!

Happy Birthday Drew! 10! You can do it Kelly. :-)

I wish we could have gotten together when I was up there but my boys are STILL sick and I now seem to have the worse stiff neck EVER. It's killing me! I WILL make it to see you one of these trips. Maybe next time I'll just plan my trip around seeing you.:) I really would love that.

Mom said...

It was a good weekend-look at what today is like! Glad Drew had fun at the pool party. Keep trying to run some of that energy out of Aiden....

Kat said...

WOW! What an awesome weekend! I love that you watched Twilight with Drew. How cool is that?
And great job on your run! Woohoo!

Happy Birthday, Drew! :)

Zoe said...

looks like fun!!! i love packing peanuts.

Sandra Carvalho said...

OMG!It sounds like you guys had a great time!
And those pics are gorgeous!
And Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Maggie May said...

I just watched TWilight for the first time and was dissapointed. But...I'll watch it again!!
I like your blog :)

Amy said...

Love those pics! Happy Birthday to Drew! Great way to do a Birthday!! and good for you out running as a family that's awesome..all you exercisy people are making me feel really lazy!