Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Drew!!!

Well, you did it Drew. People only get to do this once in their lifetime, and you did it----you hit the double digits. I knew this birthday would hit me hard, you really are growing up. I see you starting to mature and want to do more grown up things and I alternate between wanting to shelter and overprotect you to wanting to let you have some of that independence. You are very responsible and mature for your age and that makes me proud. It doesn't always make it easier for me to step back and let you do your own thing though. I can't help but want to baby you, are ARE my baby after all, no matter how old you get. I want you to know I am always here for you and I want you to be comfortable talking to me but at the same time I don't want to be pushy and nagging. There's such a fine line. You make me so proud in so many ways. I think the one thing about you that makes me the most proud is that you are a leader, not a follower. You do what YOU want and you don't feel like you have to go with the crowd. The other kids look up to you and that makes me happy. It makes me feel more confident that you can avoid peer pressure and that you are confident in yourself and what you want. You are always willing to try new things, no matter what they may be or how scary they might be. I wish I had that quality myself. I've been trying really hard to let you have your space and your say in things a bit more lately.

You've had my heart from the day I saw that pregnancy test. It was about 6am in the morning and I rushed in to wake your dad. He instantly had tears in his eyes and we just hugged each other in excitement. I played hooky from work that day. I knew there was NO way I could sit at my desk all day and act like everything was normal. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Instead I had a quiet day at home by myself. I rushed out and bought What to Expect When You're Expecting and laid out on the hand on my belly, the other holding my book. I daydreamed most of the day and let it all sink in. Your dad and I were going to wait until we got back from our vacation to tell the family but we just couldn't keep quiet. We had to share the news. I can remember it all like yesterday....the pregnancy, the 28 hour labor, seeing you for the first time. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since you were born. In that one moment my life was changed for the better and it got even better with the arrival of each of your brothers. I love you my Cuddlebug, my Drewdles, my Drewbie. (Thank you for not getting mad when I yell "Go Drewdles" on the soccer just slips out) I know this is a special birthday for you and we will have so much fun this weekend. I hope it's everything you wanted and more.

I sat going through old photos and realized there were too many to pick from. I also already posted a lot of my favorites last year on your birthday. You were such a beautiful little guy and still are in my eyes. You and I are so much alike, it's scary sometimes and I love our special times together.

Just a week old. One of my favorites of you and Grandpa John.

One of my all time favorites. I could just eat you up here.
You with your Pooh Bear and rocking chair.1st Christmas 1999

My sweet, sweet Drew. When I had my Mary Kay Holiday Open House in December, you got all dressed up and wanted to help me. Here you had just set up my sale table for me and then you helped with the big display table and snacks and drinks. I was so proud of you and for being so grown up and so happy that you wanted to be with me and do this with me. You'll always be one of my best helpers around the house. You have such a big heart and love to do special things for others, even if it means using your own money or giving up your time. You are growing up, big guy. I love you and appreciate all the little things you like to do, like cook us special meals, do extra chores, etc. You are one special dude.


Drew's Godmother said...

Happy 10th Birthday Drew...I can't believe you've hit those double digtis!! I loved your mom's post and there is no love on earth like a mothers love. But I also get to share a special bond with you as your Godmother. What an incredible gift your parents gave to me that day. I still remember when they came over and I just had to hold you, and peeling away the blanket, there was the note that said " Aunt Cindy, will you be my Godmother?"(I still get teary thinking of it) I thought your parents were brave b/c I was so excited I could have dropped you :-) I treasure that day, and the day of your baptism too..June 6th (we get to spend that day together this year at Suzie's wedding---shall we share a dance?) I hope your birthday is as special as you are, and I am proud of all your wonderful traits....your caring, kindness and thoughtfullness of others.
I love you sweetie--Happy Birthday

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! I hope you have a great day!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Drewdles!!! We love you over here!

Great Aunt Jane said...

Happy B'day, so sorry I did not say it to you earlier at the garage sale, I was to busy taking your money, We made over $1500 will your help. As always I will keep my birthday present late so we can celebrate longer. HaHa, Love ya hon

Deb said...

Hope your birthday was a special one, Drew! We love you ;-)

Kat said...

Okay. I am bawling now. This is just such a sweet tribute post to your big boy. It just all goes so quickly. *sniff, sniff*

Happy Birthday, handsome Drew! :)

Mom said...

What a great day we had celebrating #10 (one more day) with Drew. I hope he had special memories from all he got to do (besides the cotton candy and treats from chuckecheese). Happy Birthday First Grandchild

Sandra Carvalho said...

Happy Birthday Drew!!!!!
Hope he had a great day!
And the pics!WOW!How gorgeous!!!!
Congrats hot momma!You have a gorgeous 10 year old there!

OHmommy said...

Happy Birthday Drew.

I love the family comments. What a beautiful tribute. So sweet.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Drew! They grow up WAY too fast. My oldest turns 10 in a couple weeks. It's hard to believe we're hitting the double digits already. Thanks for sharing those sweet pics with us!


Weber said...

Kelly you have a wonderful "Big Guy" now. Welcome to the world of doulbe digits. There will be some hard days for both of you but you guys are an amazing family - you'll be just fine. (and he'll always be you baby!)