Friday, March 27, 2009

Gettin' My Craft On....Part 2

I'm starting Part 2 of this post with some creations from Drew and Noah. Recently we had to repaint their bathroom. 1. it needed it 2. it really needed it after Noah drew all over the wall with a blue highlighter. If only I had taken a picture of that had a butt with poop coming out of it. I guess it's a fitting picture for a bathroom, but.........

So we had leftover khaki paint from our bedroom that would match their little half bath but we didn't realize how much darker it would appear in there. So I used that handy dandy 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby and got some 8x10 canvases and then let the boys pick out some bright colors. They painted these beauties to brighten up their bathroom. Noah did the top one and Drew did the bottom two. Cute aren't they??

They DO help to brighten up the walls.

The boys have had a blast with Wikki Stiks. Noah made these two creation....the left one was stuck right on his wall. The picture on the right scares me just a bit, if you have a sick mind like me, you can see the possibilities.

This is one of Drew's Wikki Stik creations. After this picture he also added a monkey. The cool thing is, this is the second picture he designed for me to hang up at my work. You can't even imagine how many wikki stiks we have sold....people ask what you can do with them, we point to Drew's examples and they say wow, that looks like fun. Maybe he should earn a commission....
This is another Klauser decoration. I got the plate for .80 at Big Lots. I didnt' like the white rub ons that I had so I gave my Love, Elsie rub ons a try and added a "family" rub on and a little bling. Cute and quirky.

Ok, I gave up trying to get this right side up. I promis it's normal on my computer software. Blogger just won't let me do certain pictures right side up. I was just playing around with some of my Unity stamps. (best stamps ever!!) I have a major weakness when it comes to them. Anyways, I made this little picture. A little corny but it makes me happy.

When we went to Todd's school for the mini golf day, I took one look at the poster of the boys hanging in his room that his dad had made and took it down. It was very outdated. I took the frame home and put some newer pictures in it for him to hang in his room. This thing was huge...those are 8x10 pictures! (are you sick of these pictures yet? I think I've done every possible project with them!! They are just too cute though) I took this picture at night in the kitchen lighting so the colors's a lot cuter in person. Todd has it hanging proudly in his room now. I used lots of numbers in the background and on the paper to go with the math teacher theme! ;)
This was an combination of a saying I saw on something at Hobby Lobby and a design I saw on a picture at Kohls. I tried to put the two together but it's still not what I had in my head. I wanted those to be ovals or circles but didn't have the right sizes to nest them. I'll have to tweak this at some point but I'm sure I'll ended up doing something else entirely so it's staying for now.
It says "Cherish Yesterday, Live Today, Dream Tomorrow" Such wise words.....

I spent all evening the other night reorganizing, rearranging, decluttering my craft room/ storage room. I am so excited with the results and now just want to hang out down there. I have some more projects I'm anxious to tackle. Let 's hope Aiden continues taking naps for a long time to come!!


Beth said...

Now WHY didn't I hear the story of Noah's art in the bathroom? I about spit out my drink! And you HAVE to tell us what Noah's other picture really is. I guess I have a sick mind too;)

I love their little canvases.

My boys love the wikki sticks you gave them awhile back. But I find them all over the house long after I think we've put them all away:)

Keep posting the stuff you made...too cute!

Beth said...

PS- You sure are getting your use out of those photos I took of the boys! Glad that shoot went so well!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love the boys' artwork. I really wish I could have seen the potty portrait on the wall though, that sounds so creative.

Regarding the pics not loading upright. Try to fix it on your computer first. Preview it and rotate it until it's where it's supposed to be (even if it's okay, rotate once and then back again), then SAVE it and it should be fixed. It took me awhile to figure that out. It's the fancy camera software assuming it knows which way a picture is supposed to go.

Mom said...

I really like the plate-it is so basic but so cute! Kelly-where did your creativeness come from? I know not me!