Saturday, June 28, 2008

This & That

Noah finished off his swim lessons this week. He has certainly overcome any fears of the water and has really improved his swimming abilities over the past couple of weeks. The last day of class, they turned on the water slide. Here's a picture of Noah's first time down a Big Waterslide! He had no fear. He's been to the YMCA with Todd a couple of times this week and has swam back and forth across the pool numerous times on his own as well as jumping into the deep end. Todd things Noah could give Drew a run for his money. Are you ready for the challenge Drew??

We had Todd's parents and brother, my parents and brothers and SIL and kiddos all over to eat supper for Todd's birthday. Todd's request for dessert was cupcake cones. So here he is blowing out the lone candle in his cone. They were a hit with everyone though. Sorry for the blurry pictures. Our lense was smudged and we didn't realize it until today when I uploaded all of these pictures with a big blur in the middle of them.
Today was the Running Raider Classic. Drew ran the 1 Mile Kid's Run and did awesome. Todd caught some video of him crossing the finish line.

Here he is after he received his medal. I can't believe I'm posting this but here's the best of the worst pictures of Me and Drew. I did a 5k competitive walk with my friend Johnna. I got 12th place. Not too bad I guess since I'm horribly out of shape. Todd opted not to run this one so he could be there for Drew when he crossed the finish line since his race was the same time as mine--what an awesome guy. He also had Noah and Aiden with him to cheer us on. I guess Aiden wanted to run so bad. Drew finished his race before we did ours so Todd put Drew's number on him and told him to run to the tree and back. He came running and crossed the finish line and everyone cheered. He got handed a water like the rest of the runners and had his picture taken. I wish I could have seen it. I'm sure he thought he was big stuff.

After the race, Todd jogged home and I took Johnna home and then took the 3 boys to Madison Park to play for awhile. It was a good morning.

Update on Grayson: I mentioned his bald spots in the previous post. The Vet thought he might have allergies but wasn't sure. From the chin on down his neck, he is completely bald and it's crusty and gross, poor babe. He has to go in Wednesday morning for a biopsy to see what's going on. There's a possibility he may be on prednisone the rest of his life. We'll be dropping a little over $300 bucks for all of this weds. I about crapped when I saw the estimates. If I'm going to have a chronically ill cat, maybe I need pet insurance!!


Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey Kelly!
Lovely post!Congrats on Drew's achievement!
Thanks (so very much!)for your kind and sweet words!You are such a sweetie!I guess now I'll have to add you to my roll of friends now LOL!
I feel like we'll surely get along ;)!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Weber said...

What an awesome family you have! Way to go boys...and Kelly too!

Looks like Todd had a great b-day.

Kellan said...

Happy Birthday to Todd and congrats to your son for the medal! You all had a busy day - see you - Kellan

Dianna said...

You Klausers never stop moving~CONGRATS to ALL*!*

Grayson...cut it out all ready~sheesh. That cat needs to start pooping money Kel ;)