Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flood of 2008

I took some more pictures of the flooding last night. It's insane how many people are down there watching it. We went up to Riverview Park to get some shots and there were no parking spaces available. I think that's the most action that park has seen in ages. You can't help but be in awe of the river though. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. It's amazing that water can rise so quickly and cause so much loss and devastation to people and places. It's also heartwarming to see so many people working together to help fight the flood and do everything possible to keep it from causing more damage. And in spite of it all, it is exciting to turn on the Today show and see Al Roker in Quincy IL and see little ole Quincy on every major newscast. Having Barack Obama come was thrilling too. I think the last time we made national news was probably the flood of '93. Sad, huh? It takes something bad to put us on the map.

Here's a picture of The Dock, a bar that we go to every now and then, though not as much now that we're old married parents!!

A picture of the bay and marina taken from Riverview Park.
I thought the sun looked so beautiful coming through the clouds onto the water. You can see the train bridge in the background almost down on the water. I don't know if that bridge closed or not. The water looks peaceful and serene here.
This is of Clat Adams Park on the way back over the bridge (the open one that is!!). You can see the blue topped gazebo fully underwater and by the 3 white flagpoles is the fountain that is usually so pretty. The park actually comes quite a ways out into the water and we love to sit on the benches and watch the boats. This is also where they have the fireworks on the 4th of July. I haven't heard if they are cancelled or moving to another location. I doubt they will be able to have them here even if the water is down. It will be such a mess.
There's the Memorial Bridge as it comes back up out of the water. It's creepy to think of that bridge being underwater. I sure hope once the water goes down, they check it over really good for damage. I will still be a bit freaked to drive over it for awhile.


Kathryn said...

Man. That is so sad. And scary. We are working through the flood in my area too. Luckily we only had a small amount of water in our basement, but an area very close to us got pounded.

Weber said...

WOW! I do remember being up there in 93. Where may family lives in Illinois - many of the country roads are completely under water every spring when all the creeks overflow. I thought it was so cool because the school bus couldn't make it to our house.

Not quite the same though as what you guys are going through in Quincy. My mom keeps me updated on the flood but I love seeing your pictures.

Dianna said...

Love seeing my hometown on tv...just not for that reason.
Glad you are in a safe place though.

Love you guys*!*

Aunt Cindy said...

We were discussing at work today what would be flooded if the river would ever breech our bluff, actually endangering the CITY of Quincy. Paul got out a topigraphical map, and Aunt Janet's house would be underwater before ours would. Of course that kind of water would be Biblical, and not just a disaster getting National Coverage. It IS a lot of water though, that is no doubt. I was freaking out about losing our water supply all week, so once this is over, I'm the one to see if you need bottled water. I really was obsessed for a few days and did a little more than what would be considered 'stocking up'