Friday, June 20, 2008

Drew at College for Kids

Drew took some classes for kids at the Community College the past couple of weeks. He's gone in the past and has enjoyed it so much. They have such cool, fun classes to take, it took awhile for him to narrow it down. Heck, I would have loved to take some of those classes with him. This year he took Gymnastics, Surfing the Internet, and Taekwando. Today was the last day of classes and it's always an open house for the parents to come watch and see what they've learned. Todd and I were both excited to get to watch.

First was Gymnastics. Here he is starting a hand stand. (just like Grandpa John)

Next is a little video of him doing a front flip, round off and cartwheel. He was so funny because he would always look over at us after every thing he did with a big ole smile on his face. I think he liked having an audience! (you'll have to hit pause on my music player if you want to hear any of the videos)

Here's Drew doing a backflip. He did quite a few of these and I have to say, I was impressed.

Next we went to his computer class. We had a lot of fun in there learning about all the cool sites he got to visit on the internet. I think I got addicted to Google Earth as I got out my address book and had him look up addresses of friends and family. We decided not to take pictures in that class. How exciting would it be for me to say "Here's a picture of Drew clicking the mouse". "Look, Drew pressed the space bar".

The last class of the day was Taekwando. I was excited about this because he has wanted to try it for a long time and he was very secretive of what he was learning. Here he is warming up at the beginning of class. His teacher happened to be one of Todd's former Calculus students.

Ok, here's the part I dread. The kids each got to "sword fight" against their parents and teach us how to do it. I settled back all ready to take pictures and video of Todd going up against Drew. Nope, Drew wanted to fight me. Now I know the little poop picked me because he thought he could beat me and he hates to lose. I sooooo did not want to get up in front of all of these parents and do this but Drew really wanted me to and well, you know how you'll do stupid stuff just because you love your kids so much. I don't think you can hear it in the video but after I scored the first point, I said "Don't mess with mama!" I ended up BEATING Drew 3-2. I scored against him 3 times and he only scored against me once. He just happened to get a 2 pointer on that because he got me in the head and the head is worth more. Trust me, you won't be able to miss the part when he pokes the hell out of my face. It is pretty funny, even if I do look like an idiot. I was told I had to post this video, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Drew was presented with a white belt at the end of class. He was so proud of that.


Dianna said...

Kel,...I don't know...I think you need to get Drew back for his "love tap" to the head.
(looks like he's having fun though*!* :)

Kellan said...

What a great two weeks - how fun and I loved the video of your sword fighting - how cute!

Have a good weekend, Kelly - see you soon - Kellan

OHmommy said...

Yay... it is all about the kids being proud of themselves!!!


Aunt Cindy said...

What kid doesn't dream of over powering the one with ALL THE POWER in their lives....sorry Todd. :-) It looks like a productive few weeks for my godson, and I am really proud of his white belt. Do you think he will be working his way toward the black one?

Mom said...

College for Kids is such a great idea-so many intersting topics and "fun"in class for the kids. Drew seemed to really love it all!