Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty nice. Aiden and I went to his music class and they hit the grocery store to buy food for a special supper. In the afternoon I had to go to my gynecologist appointment. Nothing says love on Valentine's Day like a good ole pelvic exam. He also informed me that I'm old enough now that I should think about getting my first mammogram in the next year or two. Huh? What? I'm getting old?
The highlight of our day was getting to pick up our new baby Grayson!! We had picked him out at the animal shelter the day before.....he is a solid gray male cat and he's about 8-9 months old. He is soooo soft and pretty and I just fell in love with him. Yesterday he got fixed, shots, and a checkup so he should be good to go (depending on what we do about the claws!) He was a little groggy for awhile and didn't want to do much when we home but by the end of the night he was jumping around and playing with a cat toy that Todd rigged up. The boys got a kick out of that!! He's still adjusting and a little timid about coming to us but I know once he gets familiar with us and the house that will change and he will be the lovey little guy I snuggled with at the shelter.
The only downer on our day was that our niece Ellie had to go into the hospital for RSV. She's only about 5 weeks and any baby under 3 months has to go in as a precaution. It was probably a good thing because Matt and Beth said she was looking a lot better after being put on the oxygen. I went up and visited for about an hour last night. I just needed to see her with my own eyes, and let me tell you, she's beautiful even hooked up to all those wires! Blake and Ty have been sick with pneumonia so poor Matt and Beth have had a long week or so. It's tough when all that hits at once. You kinda just have to suffer through it and watch for that light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully they're almost out of it!!

The day ended on a high note. When tucking in Drew, I remembered that I hadn't looked at his midterm grades yet. I was so excited....Straight A's!!! At the end of last quarter, he had all A's and 2 B's which is still awesome. I was just so impressed that he had raised those to all A's. Good going Drew....we are so proud of you!

Got a great Flashback Friday planned for today, but got to feed the little guys breakfast first. No school today so I may have trouble sitting down to do it!!

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Dianna said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new family member :)

Hope Ellie is better soon...poor Matt and Beth!