Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Night In The Life............

*this may not be for the weak at heart*

How many people can really remember what they did every hour of the night while they were sleeping?? Not many, but I'm lucky enough to remember every detail of my night last night.

11:00 pm I turn out the light and go to sleep.
11:52 pm Aiden wakes up crying and I can not get him calmed down. I give up and Todd takes a turn, finally getting him to go back to sleep.
12:55 am Todd is shampooing Noah's carpet and changing his sheets since he threw up everywhere. Bless his heart for doing that, he knew I'd had enough of it with Aiden this week.
2:15 am Noah is up with diarrhea. Nice.
2:46 am I am up investigating sounds in Aiden's room. Something keeps knocking against the walls. I'm suspecting the cat got in there and is playing with the toys. I can't see squat in the dark with no glasses on, I figured he ran out while I was searching blindly in the darkness.
3:15 am Noah is up again to go to the bathroom, needs new underwear and pj bottoms.
4:00 am Aiden wakes up crying. I go in and the cat is sleeping at the end of Aiden's bed and lets me pet him. What the hell?? That NEVER happens. I discover Aiden has a dirty diaper and it leaked onto his sheets. Todd comes in to help and the two of us get him all cleaned up and ready to go back to bed. I love that we can share all of these special moments together.
4:10 am Aiden comes back in our room and asks me to tuck him in again. Didn't I just do that 45 seconds ago??
4:15 am Aiden comes back in our room. Todd threatens to take away his Barney and Magenta dolls if he doesn't stay in bed. Todd wants to go sleep in Drew's room as he is the only one getting sleep tonight.
4:45 am We finally drift off to some blissful sleep for TWO whole hours.
6:45 am Aiden comes in and wants us to get up.

So here we are in the morning. Noah says his tummy is fine and wanted breakfast. Let's see how that works out. He has a nasty sounding phlegmy cough that I worry will make him gag and get sick. UGH. Spring, my lovely beautiful spring, where are you?? This germ phobe has had it with winter and sickness. Wishing you all a healthy week!!!


Jer said...

Poor Kelly and Todd. Sounds like an atrocious night. I've been really healthy. Wonder if I'm going to start getting sick when I move back home.

Mom said...

well Kelly I hope your fun memories from Last night here kept you going through that horrid night. BUT then again we are still laughing out loud at your night...and that darn cat sleeping on Aiden;s bed!!!!Maybe he just enjoys misery in others. At least you and Todd were able to spend time together during the night-how romantic,I hope your germs stay with you all and not here.Hope today goes well and no more vomiting-diarrhea...etc

Aunt Cindy said...

I know it will not make you feel better at all know that MOST mothers have at least on story like that one in their memories. I know we do. I do hope you ALL sleep well tonight and EVERYONE is better soon. Even a snow bunny like me is tired of this winter. And on a positive note, you got to pet Grayson. Now take a nap.

Abbie said...

Oh Kelly, I'm so so sorry. Those kinds of nights are horrendous :(

Hope you guys get to feeling better soon!

Aunt Andrea said...

I sometimes wish my kids were small again. After reading your entry, I'm glad they're grown?
I hope everyone is feeling better fast.

Kathryn said...

Oh ugh. That sounds like a horrible night!
I hope you sleep peacefully and soundly for a full 8 hours tonight!
A girl can dream, right? :)

Dianna said...

Holy Hellish night Batman!

Hope all are on the mend...can you remember a time that this CRUD was so bad?!?!?

Hope the Sandman finds you (and the kiddos) tonight honey...and I hope that barfy smell is gone too!

Aunt Jan said...

What a horrible night you all had (except Drew, of course). Almost makes me feel guilty about when my kids were little. They weren't perfect but never got sick when they were little and they always slept during the night. Hope you get some deserved rest.

Kelly said...

Oh Kelly! Your poor family too! I have been there many, many times. However, my DH NEVER wakes up - pretty handy huh?
Hang in there! Sending good thoughts and well wishes your way.

OHmommy said...

Oh man. I have had nights like that. no fun, huh? Hope your week is healthy and germ free!

Amy said...

oh my least no one had to get up to go to work...I hope everyone is starting to feel better..I'm so sorry you had such a terrible night!