Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My New Kitchen

This was taken from the dining room.

Taken from the dining room also. See the candle lit on the counter for ambiance?? I did it for you guys. I'm thoughtful like that. ;)
Taken from the living room entry.

We ordered some really cool track lighting to go above the bar/sink area and still have to put the wood trim around the bottoms of the cabinets there along the floor. We also have to put the handles on the cabinets and finish the area on the floor that connects the kitchen to the dining room. Then we are done. And lucky for me, none of those jobs are mine! This all started out with getting new cabinets but I have to say my very favorite part is the bar area. We have talked for years about knocking the wall down between the kitchen and dining room to open things up but it always seemed like a dream. I love it and have a kitchen that makes me happy whenever I'm in it!

I have to add these pictures. I've always wanted coffe pics hanging in my kitchen and I found these cute ones at Kohl's. I love them!

Yes, I see the scratch on the wall. We have some touch ups to do from putting in the cabinets. But aren't those coffee mugs adorable?? :)


Kellan said...

Hi Kelly - your kitchen looks beautiful!! I love the wall colors too! I don't know what it looked like before, but it looks terrific now! It's so nice to have it new - I know you are really going to enjoy it!!

Thanks so much for coming by my site today - it is so nice to meet you and I hope to see you again soon. Take care - Kellan

Dianna said...

That wall being gone makes SUCH a difference!
I'm sooo jealous~looks GREAT*!*
See, it was worth all of the hullabaloo :)

Aunt Cindy said...

WOW><>>>I love how that opened up your kitchen. It is gorgeous!!! I am happy to say that we will be doing a little updating in our kitchen too with our tax refund. New counters(not that great corian you have though)a new sink, light fixture, knobs and bar stools (yours are perfect, where'd you get them?) I am also getting rid of the apples, and would like a new color all around. I'm glad you finally got your dream kitchen.

Amy said...

Your new kitchen is beautiful! and I love love love the coffee pics!

Beth said...

Very cute! I can't believe how much more open it looks. I like how you moved the refridgerator too. The layout looks really good. Can't wait to see it in person but with all the germs we have you definitely don't want us over there for at least a few more days:)

Jer said...

Love it, Kelly. You'll be able to fit a lot more family members in there now. :) Aunt Jer

Abbie said...

SOOOO PRETTY!!! And if I actually did anything in the kitchen worthwhile, like, ever, then I would be actually a little jealous!! ;)

Mom said...

The kitchen/dining room looks so much larger now-good job on the remodeling. Was it worth all those cookless nights?

jane said...

It is so beautiful, I love it. I am anxious to see it in person. Now post a picture of the new family member. I just love the name.