Thursday, February 7, 2008

Soccer and Basketball.

Drew's soccer team kicked butt tonight. They are really rocking this session. They won tonights game 12-0 and have now won 3 games in a row. They have been so exciting too, I love it! Drew can really play and has been using some fancy moves lately so you can tell he's getting more comfortable with the ball.

Here's a video from Drew's last basketball game. It was his first season playing and he really learned a lot. He gets so excited when he gets the ball though. He hauls ass down the court and then throws the ball as hard as possible. He needs to tone down just a bit.

In this video, he is in a purple jersey, number 30. He's coming down the court with the ball, shoots and misses but then catches the rebound and shoots again. He comes close to making it but no such luck.


Amy said...

aww...I can never catch pics like seems like I somehow always just miss the moment! That's awesome!

Dianna said...

Way to go Drew!
He certainly is not scared of the ball*!*