Friday, February 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

This week we're flashing waaaay back. I actually had to scan in these pictures, they are so old. Yep, we are going back to the 80's folks. Back before I had cute kids and nephews and a niece to drool over, I had a baby brother that I thought was the cutest thing on earth. Being almost 13 when he was born, I was old enough to get to do a lot of fun things with him. In high school, I had pictures of him plastering my locker. Look at that sweet face, can you believe he's 22 now?? (those tube socks rule!)

This is a picture of my other bro. We're only 5 years apart so I don't remember as much of his baby days, just that I was soo excited to have a baby brother. We fought a lot but have great memories too. This picture was from the year when we were both in the spring show together. I thought it was so cool that he got to be in a high school variety show with me when he was still in grade school. He got to play in a drum group with his big cousin Rob. (I think Matt thought he was pretty big stuff too!) Yes, I had big 80's hair......shup. I thought it was cool back then.
This next one is for you Dianna!! We're the 80's Ladies!! (you had to be there!) Remember our New Kids on the Block Days?? You know, they are back together again, didn't you?? I have no idea what the hell they are calling themselves now but I hope they changed their name a bit.
Well I need to stop reminiscing and get ready for the day. Aiden and I are going to the Valentine party at the library. We were supposed to meet Beth with Ty and Ellie there but poor Blake got sick yesterday with a fever and cough. Poor buddy, what a rotten way to spend your birthday. So we'll miss them there. (Get better Blake!) Then we are meeting Grandpa Ken for lunch. While Aiden naps, I have to get packed up and get my food made for my overnight scrapbooking retreat tonight with the girls. I'm so excited! 24 hours of creative fun with the girls. Woohoo. Have a great weekend everyone!


Dianna said...

Thanks SOOOOOOO much Kel

Abbie said...

You are TOTALLY working the hair Kelly! LOVIN' it!! :)

Mom said...

I think it was neat that both brothers were in a Spring SHow with you. Is Matt standing in a hole???? Thank goodness the boys grew some legs somewhere along the line.......thanks for the Memory Lane stroll

Aunt Cindy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flashback Friday....keep it up. I think it is so amazing that time and distance have never broke the bond you have had with Dianna for a whole lifetime, and in truth, except for the hair (your taste in music?) neither one of you have changed that much. You're both still beauties. Nate could NOT be more adorable, but then so was Matt at that age (yes Matt you still are adorable) I had so much fun at that Spring Show, and I remember how nervous Matt looked, but I could tell he thought he was big stuff playing along side Rob and the 'big' guys. NOW he's the father of 3!!!
Flashback Friday is now making me feel OLD.

Amy said...

I can't believe I finally go to "see" Dianna...even if it's an 80's version...those pics are so cute!!...and we all had big hair..I hope you have fun on your retreat!!

Angel Gurl said...

Amy, mentioned your flashback. It certainly made me smile. I think we all have photos like that. Very cute photo anyway.