Friday, February 29, 2008

Funny Flashback Friday

After the past week or so, I needed a laugh so I thought I would do a funny Flashback Friday. I went through and found some old pictures that made me laugh out loud, either because they were so funny or so cute you couldn't help but smile.

This first one is of Noah when he was about 3 1/2 years old. I laugh every time I see this one. I had peeked in to make sure he had fallen asleep at nap time. Not only was he asleep but he fell asleep with two Little People peeking out of his underwear. I'm not sure what kind of game he was playing with them.

This was taken when Drew was 2. His swimming trunks kept drooping so I tugged them down a bit more and had him pose. He thought it was pretty funny.

This is Aiden at 4 months. (Feb 2005) He loved taking his baths in the kitchen sink. Uncle Scott must have liked this picture too because he used it in one of his ads for his Day Spa.

This is Noah when he was about 6 months old. I guess we liked bathing all of the kids in the kitchen sink. It was certainly easier than bending over the bathtub.

For mom's birthday back in August of 2005 I made a scrapbook of favorite recipes for her gift. I included some pictures of Drew and Noah "baking". We put flour on their face and gave them bowls and spoons and I took some action shots to put in the book. For some reason, Noah decided to lean over and lick flour off of Drew's face and I caught it on film.

Living in a house full of males, my boys don't often get the chance to play with "girly" stuff like pink, princess, dresses, jewelry. So they can't help themselves when they are at a friends house that has girly things. Yes, my boys like to cross dress sometimes. I caught Drew in the act, or should I say "Princess Drew".
April 2005 Will someone get that kid out of the sink?? He's growing old in there!
We went to Disney World in June of 2004. We were being silly trying on things in one of the stores and I got such a kick out of Noah wearing the Eeyore ears. He makes the cutest little Eeyore doesn't he?? It looks like my dad is choking on the fluff of black hair on top of Eeyore's head.
I have to finish this off with a really cute video. For those of you that don't know, my nephew Ty was born just 4 days after Aiden. This video was taken the first time we got the two cousins together after their birth. Aiden must have been hungry because he started rooting around and trying to latch onto Tyler. Cousinly love.
Thanks for flashing back with me. My kids never fail to entertain me and I hope they managed to at least bring a smile to your face today too.


Kathryn said...

Those pics really put a smile on my face. You have amazingly gorgeous kids!

Abbie said...

OH my goodness, you have three of the most adorable boys on the planet!!
Even if they DO shove strange objects in their underwear! hahahha too cute!

Mom said...

and I did laugh at those...even the 2nd and 3rd time around. Nothing like oldies but goodies to start a day with a laugh

Dianna said...

That shot of the Little People down there w/ his pee pee just kills me! Yes, must have been an interesting game...............;)

Dianna said...

awesome music by the way*!*

Aunt Cindy said...

How could you look at these blasts from the past and NOT Love Flashback Friday!!!! too darn cute for words Kelly. It seems strange that there are already 'old' pictures of Aiden. Drew is just going to LOVE you showing Princess Drew's pictures to his buddy's in High School. That was hilarious to me because I KNOW how my boys would feel about being caught dressed up in princess gear! Keep'em comin' Kel...

aunt jane said...

loved the pics, we all looked at them while gazing out at all the lights in Vegas, hope the kids are still well

Weber said...

Loved the pictures - all of them, but you can't beat the Little People in the underwear!!!!

Amy said...

super cute pics! The little people are just awesome...why is it that boys stick everything they play with in their underwear..oops think I just answered my own question...LOL.. I have to laugh at the "sink baths" we did that with our boys too!