Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Noah's Got It All Figured Out....

This morning at breakfast I gave the boys their vitamins. I then took one of mine. Aiden asked what it was and I said "It's mommy's vitamin, I have to be healthy too" To which Noah replied "Yeah she needs to be healthy or we won't have any more babies". Excuse me?? He said that me eating a lot of healthy things will make a baby grow in my tummy. I said, "Oh, is that how it works?" Noah said "I don't know, I'm just guessing". Sweet, sweet Noah, you just go on thinking that. And by the way, for the 100th time, there will be no more babies. 3 is our magic number, remember??

Aiden was reunited with his long lost love last night. We took Barney with us to Drew's basketball game on Sunday and somehow in the confusion of getting all 5 of us bundled up and gathering are stuff, Barney got left behind. When we got home and saw how distraught he was, Drew and I went back and looked for him. No Barney to be found. I left a message on the CYO machine about it and they called last night. He had found it propped up against his office door. Aiden was thrilled to pieces to get his Barney back. When we explained to him on Sunday that Barney was gone, his lower lip came out and he started that little whimpering noise you make when you're trying not to cry. It about tore Todd and I's heart out.

Speaking of sports, Drew's basketball games are pretty fun. Who knew 3rd and 4th graders could put on a real game. It's fun to watch. Drew scored too which is even more exciting. But his indoor soccer is awesome this session. They got a few new players that rock and the team is really improving. Saturdays' game we were on the edge of our seats, it was close almost the whole time. Drew did awesome that day too. He prefers to play defense, which he is really good at but when he plays forward, he does awesome too. (And I'm not biased at all am I?)


Dianna said...

Better get you some McDonalds and Dairy Queen quick!!!

Mom said...

Thank goodness there are honest people still...and Barney has returned! To you who believe in NOah-throw out those vitamins!

Aunt Cindy said...

3 is a magic number of Boys....I do love Noah's theory though, and I say let him go on thinking he has it figured out. You wouldn't want to explain 'the baby-making process' at this point ;-)

Poor Aiden. He must have been devastated. I am glad Barney found his way home.

Good to hear Drew is out there getting some great work outs and is enjoying his sports.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and I posted pics from the stores we went too today in todays post...I do Dianna comes up soon and I'd love to meet up with you both to go shopping. I love your blog!