Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Blog Awards!

Wow, I received my first two blog awards all within the same week! Seriously, I'm not worthy of them. There are so many really cool blogs out there and I frequent some really awesome ones. So I'm very grateful to Dianna and Stimey for these. You're just too sweet.
Dianna passed on this one to me: Spread the Love Award. I could have the crappiest blog on the net and she probably would have given it to me anyway because she loves me!

Stimey passed this one to me: MWAH!! I have no clue how I stumbled across her blog but when I saw she had 3 boys as well and they were fairly close in age, I had to take a look, and I've been hooked ever since. This chic makes me laugh too!

So now I get to pass them on. Since they are fairly similar am I'm fairly limited on time at the moment (a certain 2 year old is destroying everything on my computer desk!), I will pass both awards on. Besides, who wouldn't love two???

Dianna at Learning to Take Time --She's been my best friend since birth and is one of the few constants in my life that keeps me sane!

Stimey at Stimeyland ---she has a way of writing about Motherhood that makes you laugh even when she's writing about poop and vomit. You HAVE to have a sense of humor to survive that!

Abbie at Just As I Am ----I've only recently "met" her but we have many things in common and she never fails to make me laugh my butt off. Another cool chic!

Uncle Joe at blog blog blog-- I can't forget my Uncle Joe!! I think he kind of started his blog as a joke but it has become a hilarious way for the family to keep in touch and have some good laughs. We may not admit it out loud, but we all secretly look forward to our birthdays so we can see what embarrassing pictures he'll post of us.

Amy at Caffinated Cropper---she loves coffee, scrapbooking,has boys and lives in Belleville! What's not to love about THAT? :) She's also one of the amazing women I've "met" through Dianna's A Deck Of Me Challenge. There are so many talented ladies doing this challenge and hopefully some day I'll have time to read ALL of their blogs.

Gotta cut this short. Aiden is under the computer desk now and I fear my power may get pulled. Yikes. AIDENNNNNN!


Stimey said...

Thank you so much, Kelly! If we didn't laugh, we'd cry, right?

jane said...

neat to recognize so many people, I really enjoy your blog, it reminds me when we had young ones, it also makes me feel so lucky to have them growing up but deep down I envy and miss those days but only for a moment, your blog makes me laugh, cry and feel so blessed that we have such a wonderful big family

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the award! So sweet of you to spread the love back with a kiss!!! LOL...thanks!