Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great Quotes For The Week

Aiden and I were playing with his Geometric Sorting Board the other day. He was naming all the colors of the shapes so I decided to quiz him on the shapes themselves. I hold up a circle, no problem. I hold up a triangle, right again. He struggled a bit with the rectangle but eventually got it. I hold up the square and he shouts "PENTAGON!". He may have missed the square, but the kids scores extra points for saying 'pentagon'. Besides, he was only off by one side, right??
Todd usually leaves for work before the kids and I get up. On Wednesday he was still home when we woke up. As he was leaving, I happen to look at his pants and they are a wrinkled mess. One of my bad habits is doing a ton of laundry in one day and then not getting around to folding it all that day. Well, these pants obviously sat wadded up in the laundry basket too long and my dear sweet husband had no clue he was putting on wrinkled pants, or maybe he just didn't care. I said "Uh, Todd I think you need to do something about those pants, you really can't wear those to work". Drew chimes in "Yeah, Dad, it looks like you're wearing tissue paper". He can be so subtle.
On a more serious note, I found this awesome quote in a Paper Crafts magazine I was reading the other day and it really stuck with me.
"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety" ---Abraham Maslow
That is something I struggle with every day. I want to try new things and grow more as a person, but I keep hanging back in my safety net. I sort of toe the line between moving forward and stepping back.
This would have been a great quote a couple of weeks ago for my Deck of Me Challenge. We had to find a quote that best described ourself at that moment. I found a couple that worked but this would have been awesome too.
(If you're interested in keeping up with my Deck of Me challenge, click on the link to the right that says A Deck of Me Challenge) I have more cards to add but am still having camera problems. Our docking station no longer charges. We've even bought new batteries. It will still upload pics though. Any ideas anyone?? Guess I'll use regular batteries for now till I get it sorted out.


Abbie said...

Crap. I actually started crying when I read your sweet message just now. ugh. not sure how to get you my email, I guess I'll just put it on here for the world to see, that way, if someone feels the need to stalk/kill me, they at least have my email as one way to get closer to me.

Aunt Cindy said...

my favorite new quote.... Vegetarian is an old Indian word meaning "bad hunter"....or maybe that was a bumper sticker.

Anyway, your post was much better than my quote and I loved Drew take on his dad's wrinkled pants.