Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have a niece!!

Ellie finally made her arrival yesterday. Now I have two beautiful nephews and one beautiful niece. She really is a doll and I can't wait to snuggle and love her all up.
Ellie, I'm so glad you're here. I feel as if you've been a part of our family for awhile. It's amazing how you can fall in love with someone even before you ever meet or see them. We have so many stories to tell you about the family and I'm so glad you are here to join us in making more wonderful memories.
Since our names rhyme, I feel I have to warn you.......I'm sure at some point you will be called Smelly Ellie or Ellie Belly. I've heard them all!
Love you, Aunt Kelly Jelly Belly


Dianna said...

*Too too cute *!*
Give her smooches for me~
Welcome to the world Ellie :)

Mom said...

Such a way to start off the New year-with a new family member. Cant wait for Ellie to meet all the Bozarth and Grandpa has a new one to use those John-isms on! Now to find Ellie a bank for her coins......