Friday, January 11, 2008

7 (more) Random Things

Here you go Dianna, I'm finally doing it.

7 more random things about me.

1. I'm getting my first (and only) tattoo in a couple of weeks. Todd and I had wanted to do it for awhile so for our 35 bdays we decided to give it a go. Todd's turned out so cool. I already know what I want, just gotta get in there!

2. I have a phobia about committment. I'm scared to committ to anything. The thought of picking out our new kitty is making me nervous and trying to decide on our new countertops for the kitchen is making my stomach churn. I hate decisions.

3. Shhh, don't tell anyone but I have a crush on Grant from Ghost Hunters.

4. I get some sort of sick pleasure from cutting my kids nails and cleaning out their ears. Must be from some primitive animal instinct.

5. In college, my roommates and I discovered that dipping our popcorn in Dr Pepper tasted really good. That was our late night snack. Maybe we were studying too much.....or maybe we were partying too much. Todd thinks it just makes soggy popcorn. But Drew, my soulmate child, likes it too.

6. I'm searching for my inner creativity. I don't put near enough time or effort into it and want too. I'm doing Dianna's "A Deck of Me" Challenge.
"A Deck Of Me"

7. We bought a house today!! No, we're not moving, but I knew that would get you. We really did buy a St Louis. Todd's brother is flipping houses down there and making some darn good profit off of it. He'd like to do more but can only buy so many at a time. So Todd's parents and us each bought one (we had our house reappraised--very happy with the results and have a line of equity set up now). Scott will take care of everything and will split the profit with us. We're very excited and if this turns out well, we will buy another one. The goal is to use some of the money to buy a new minivan and to keep buying houses as long as it works out.


Dianna said...

You crack me up...I am the same way about nails and ears~we are wierd together!

Can't wait to see your cards~we are now 48 strong and growing every day...holy cow!

I'm driving up to St Louis and moving in...

Stimey said...

Okay: 1. Yay! Just don't be surprised if you find yourself addicted to them. 4. I am exactly the same way. Until they're three or so, I love to pick their noses too. I know, I'm too gross to exist. 5. Um, yuck. 6. What a totally cool idea. 7. Good luck!

lv2scpbk said...

I like your blog. I've completed my goal card and a cover card for the Deck of Me challenge. I'm also doing my own challenge of a weight loss deck of cards. You can see both on my blog.