Friday, October 19, 2007

You Say "Ammonia" I Say "Pneumonia"

So I take Noah to the Dr on Monday because he has a horrible cough that has kept the house up for nights on end and we are all wearing down, especially little Noah. We find out he has pneumonia. (Zithromax RULES by the way!) He's doing much better now, thank goodness. I'm glad I took him in. I felt really stupid at first b/c everyone kept asking for symptoms and I'm like "uh, he has a bad cough". But mommy instinct told me there was more than just a cough going on so I'm glad I acted on it. So Wednesday night at State Street Bar & Grill (more on why my kids were in a bar later) Noah comes up to me and says "What's ammonia?" I'm thinking, why is he asking me about cleaning products? So I asked him what he meant. He said Grandpa John gave him some money and said it's because he has ammonia. I explained that he had pneumonia and Grandpa gave that to him to make him feel better. Oh, he says.
So Wednesday night me and some of my female family members waitress at State Street Bar & Grill. All the tips we got go towards the Avon Breast Cancer Walk we are taking part in early next summer. A lot of family,friends, and co workers showed up to show their support and we raised about $1500 in tips towards the walk! YAY!! But I learned one very important lesson that night. I should never become a waitress. When you have a huge table full of people, trying to keep all their alcohol, meals, and tickets straight is enough to send you screaming out the door. I've worked in retail for years and feel I am very good at taking care of my customers but this was very different. I have a new appreciation for waitressess. That said, it was still a lot of fun, and we raised a good deal of money for a great cause!! (So THAT is why my kids were eating in a bar!)
We leave for Chicago later today. Todd and his friend Tom are competing tomorrow in the Urbanathalon. Since it's such a quick trip, (we'll be back late tomorrow afternoon for Matt's bday party) Noah and Aiden are staying with Todd's parents. Drew really wanted to go with us and I"m excited about getting to have that special time with him. I know it seems like Aiden and Noah have gotten all the attention lately with both of them having birthdays and Noah being little king and then being sick, so this will be a special time to focus on Drew. He is soo excited too. I'll post all about our trip when we get back.

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D. said...

Sorry your guy was sick-glad he is feeling better!

I can't believe you did the waitress thing-congrats on raising so much money$!$ I would never be able to do it memory is mush...those waiters/waitresses that just look at you when you place your order (without writing anything down) amaze me...(they must not have kids yet!)

Have fun in the Windy City-you'll make some great memories with Drew.
Hey, some great paper stores there too-Molly took me to The Paper Source while I was there (there are a few up there) sooooo awesome*!* Y'all be careful.