Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm Married to Matthew McConaughey

I'm sitting and reading my trashy celebrity magazine tonight (have to keep up on the gossip you know) and have it opened to a picture of Matthew McConaughey on a surfboard wearing nothing but swimtrunks and looking very yummy.

Aiden points to the picture and says "That daddy". I said "No, honey, that's not daddy". He gets very indignant and points again saying "That daddy". Every time I turned the page, he'd turn it back and say "That daddy". ~sigh~ "Ok, honey, that's your daddy".
I think Todd will be pleased about that.


Aunt Cindy said...

No, I think YOU woud be please by that!! (can't say I'd mind him as a nephew-in-law either ;o)

My story goes like this...I get a Victoria Secret catalog and a MUCH younger (Noah's age) Eric holds it in Joe's face saying in a pretend girly voice "oh Joe, come run away with me and marry me" I said to him...Hey, what about ME? Eric says,(very straight faced) "but SHE could be my mommy" Talk about NOT being pleased, but I guess if I had to be replaced by someone a Victoria Secrets Model would do.

D. said...

He can be MY Daddy!!!

Mallory used to think Rachel Ray was me...She's 2 inches shorter and millions richer....I guess I'll take it.

Stimey said...

My guys have pointed at supermodels in magazines and told me that it's me. I'm not sure whether I should be flattered that they think I'm beautiful, or disappointed that they apparently can't tell the difference between a photo of me and a photo of a random woman.

Uncle Joe said...

It just may be as simple as our kids need glasses