Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flying Monkeys and Early Risers

Does anyone else have flying monkeys?? Apparently I do. I thought they only existed in Wizard of Oz but I guess I was wrong. I always call my boys little monkeys because from the second they were able to pull themself up to a standing position, they were climbing. They are quite limber, agile little guys. I've told the story on my old blog about walking in my bedroom and catching Noah leaping through the air off of the top of my headboard onto my bed. Well he's been teaching little monkey brother some tricks. The boys like to play "pillow pit" as Aiden calls it. They take every pillow and cushion off of the couches and jump off of the couches onto them. I don't like this game because inevitably someone leaps off of the couch and misses the pillows. But that does not deter them for a moment. Last night Noah and Aiden were jumping off of the end table in the living room. I told them to stop because someone would get hurt and why don't they got play in Aiden's room. So they go in there and are playing good. I'm in the kitchen cooking supper and decide to go peek in on them. They aren't there. I hear giggling coming from MY bedroom where the door is CLOSED. This can't be good. I walk in and Noah and Aiden are standing on my dresser. Noah says "Mom, Aiden can jump off of the dresser onto your bed now" With that, Aiden takes a flying leap onto my bed. I about die. The little monkey climbs right back up on my dresser like it's nothing. There's one more room in the house that will have to be off limits to him.
So this morning at 5:51am I hear Drew get up to go to the bathroom. That's very early so I assume he'll go back to bed. I hear the TV come on. So I go in and he's in his school clothes getting ready to watch TV! I don't think so. I send him back to bed amidst much grumbling. I get settled in bed and hear Noah get up to go potty. A bit later he comes in and says he has a bad tummy ache. So I'm just waiting for Aiden to get up because he's the one that has been my little early bird lately. But no, today of all days, he sleeps in until 6:45. Is there some unwritten law among siblings that if one sleeps in, at least one other one has to get up early??? Why can't they all sleep in on the same day and cut mom a break?? So my eyes are crossing as I type. Guess I need to get myself to bed. Morning comes way too early around here lately.
(btw: Noah's tummy ache was fine. It didn't amount to anything. Usually a tummy ache around here means a big dump is soon to follow)
Notice: I figured out how to put music on my blog!! Take a listen. This song always reminds me of Todd and my 3 beautiful boys. I really couldn't ask for more than them!
Now if I could just figure out how to make it automatically play when the page loads..........


Aunt Cindy said...

Sounds like a scary sight for a mom to walk in on...I think I'm glad our bedrooms were upstairs now. My boys LOVED to pile pillows/blankets at the base of the first few steps going upstairs and jump from there. The did it for hours of fun. The only time any of them were hurt were when one didn't 'clear' the jump zone before the next one jumped. Those were the days....and I am sure your Flying Monkey scenes will be burned into your memory forever too.

I wish you a LONG night of SLEEP which is where I am headed myself

Jer said...

Hilarious, Kelly. I can just picture those cute little flying monkeys. Aunt Jer

D. said...

Yes there is an unwritten rule ~ I am convinced too...

Oh Mallory is my flying monkey ~ the kids would have sooooo much fun together! Mal has no fear and hardly feels pain...BAD COMBO!

Beth said...

My boys love to do the flying thing too- although Ty hasn't tried jumping from anything higher than the couch yet:) Isn't it great what older brothers teach them?