Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Musical Beds

We played a little game of musical beds last night. Drew and Todd decided not to play (or at least they slept thru it all) but Noah, Aiden and I had the fun. At 3 am Noah comes and climbs in bed with me because he had a bad dream. I cuddled him for a minute and then said we should go back to his bed and I'd lay with him till he was settled. So we climb in his bed and bless his heart, he takes his blanket and covers me up with it. So I snuggle him close till I can tell he's about to drop off to sleep again. Back to my bed I go. At 5 am (Todd is gone already) I hear Aiden calling for me. I go in to see what he wants and he says "I cold" and grabs his blanket. I'm thinking to myself, then why am I here? So I help to tuck him in and realize why he is cold---he is soaked. I don't know how this kid can pee a river at night, but he can do it. Not wanting to mess with changing sheets at that hour, I tell him if he lets me get him changed, he can come sleep with me. Apparently that was good because he excitedly exclaims "I seep in mommy's bed". So off to our bed we go and him and I snuggle in and go back to sleep until almost 7 when Noah comes in to snuggle. My morning would have been complete if Drew had come in to snuggle with us, but he was busy playing Nintendo DS in the living room.

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D. said...

Oh Kel, hope you can squeeze in a nap today (tee hee hee...right!).

One day they won't want to snuggle in bed with us...I'll take it while I can... (I know you will to)